Dressing up your washbasin with few easy steps!

Photo: Akij

Washbasins are an essential part of your home décor — no matter whether it's the kitchen sink or bathroom washbasin, they can make a weighty impression on your guests, and speak for your taste and cleanliness. A well-designed washbasin area can easily have a positive impact on your mood and brighten up the interior of your humble abode. And luckily, you can achieve an aesthetic and well-organised washbasin area by following some easy steps!     

A cluttered washbasin area will only ruin your mood and increase hassle as you use your basin to wash your face, brush your teeth, and prepare yourself for the day ahead. So, consider the ways you can make this indispensable area of your home well organised. For example, you can use organisational tools for your bathrooms such as stacking bins and baskets.

For kitchen sinks, you can get drying racks and cabinet hooks. Organising the space will reduce visual chaos, and you can think about the overall look you want to achieve with new or existing tools. 

Keep the area of your bathroom washbasin clean and dry, and consider adding a decorative jewellery box and stylish mirrored cabinet — these useful items can add a touch of sparkle and organisation to your bathroom sink. 

Always consider the size and style of your dining room before installing a washbasin. Whether it's a small or large dining area, if properly planned, a washbasin can effortlessly fit into the space — but avoid selecting tiles for the sink that do not match the colour of the furniture or the site.

Plants always add vibrancy and colour to any location. Do not hesitate to decorate your washbasin area with the splash of nature! House plants are an ideal choice when it comes to decorating shelves and cabinets—consider using cascading ferns, cacti, or gardenias.

Lighting is also a vital part of ensuring a properly lit bathroom, dining, or kitchen sink area. Always opt for warm light colours and ensure equal light distribution. This way, you minimise accidental shadows and bright spots, and generate a safe lighting layout. 

Nowadays, there are tonnes of decorative string or fairy lights available in the market, which can be easily shaped and bent—make use of such decorative lights to vivify the bathroom sink.

Perfumes and scents never fail to produce good feelings and please our senses. So, why not use scented candles to add glow and fragrance to our bathrooms? Employ scented candles and incense to decorate your washbasin area nicely and create a calm and relaxing atmosphere that soothes your mind. 

A washbasin without a mirror seems incomplete. Whether it is a small or large mirror, always consider the sink size and your height before selecting it. And do not shy away from being experimental with mirror styles!

Lastly, maintain the neatness and hygiene of your washbasin area and decorate it in a manner that genuinely reflects your sensibilities and looks refined.      


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