Published on 12:00 AM, September 11, 2018

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Zoan Ash at Jessica Minh Anh's 7th “Catwalk on Water”

On 4 September, 2018, the Seine River in Paris was stunningly lit up by an artistic celebration of fashion, beauty, and women empowerment at the 7th anniversary of Jessica Minh Anh's “Catwalk on water” series.

Adding drama and sophistication to the grand catwalk, Bangladeshi haute couturier Zoan Ash by Asma Sultana showcased a heavily embellished and hand-beaded collection inspired by royal warriors. Mixing deep red and black with royal blue and beige, the creator brought out a sense of confidence and individuality in each design. The signature look, worn by Jessica Minh Anh, included one half of a military velvet jacket and another half of an elegant royal gown completed with a distinctive jewel crown and sword. Bold and daring expression was combined with feminine motifs, which effectively triggered the allure.

Premiering seven innovative fashion collections, Jessica Minh Anh's Autumn Fashion Show 2018 successfully promoted a new wave of entrepreneurial fashionable women who are taking the world by storm.