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International Coffee Day 2018 at Le Meridien Dhaka

1 October marks the International Coffee Day, and Le Meridien Dhaka has been celebrating this day from the time it started way back in 2015. The theme for 2018 was "Women in Coffee", by the International Coffee Organization. This year, the hotel hosted their 4th instalment of the International Coffee Day in their signature lounge, Latitude 23. They are known to be the best hosts in town for Coffee Day celebrations because the coffees are on the house and the event is open for all.

The General Manager of Le Meridien Dhaka, Constantinos S. Gavriel said, "Like all our food festivals and cultural celebrations, this time, we are happy to bring one of the most definitive international celebrations to Dhaka. We are delighted to see all the coffee lovers of Dhaka celebrating the day with us".

The International Coffee Day is a global celebration for every connection we humans have with this glorious bean. The day highlights the women and men who grow and harvest the coffee beans we love, and it also celebrates the hands that bring to you the perfect blend, and lastly, it gives coffee lovers all over the world a day to call their own. Coffee Day events are also a gateway to promote fair-trade practices in the coffee industry, whether locally or transnationally. It is a day for the coffee corporations to revise that their coffees are produced ethically, and that the quality of their products are remarkable

On this day, Le Meridien Dhaka, fulfils your coffee cravings with a wonderful event. Le Meridien partnered with Illy and La Cimbali to share the best coffee beans, coffee machines and of course, the best baristas in Dhaka with coffee lovers. In this year's event, the hotel celebrated the day with various latte art lesson activities, like how to make coloured latte art, and also the best way to make the perfect cappuccino, guided by the pro-baristas of La Cimbali and Illy. There was an eclair station, where guests were given a tutorial on how to decorate gourmet éclair with special toppings under the supervision of their pastry chef. At the event, Le Meridien Dhaka served the first ever cookie-cup in Bangladesh.

Pro-tip from the baristas on making coffee at home without a machine, "Remember, the taste of your coffee depends on the grinding of the bean, it needs to be grinded neatly. Don't grind it to instant powder, make sure there's a hint of texture. Second, the ideal temperature for coffee to bloom is 60° to 65° C. And lastly, the magic number for the perfect blend and taste is four minutes. Make sure you wait at least four minutes before you stir your coffee".


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