Man to Man

Man to Man

The Fasting Point System

For Muslims, this is the time when they get to reconnect or reinvigorate the relationship shared with their faith.

man to man / Mad at and about Mothers

Mothers’ Day brings the celebration of motherhood to the fore. Of course, ask any mother about it and she will tell you that every day is mother's day.

man to man / Don't be a New Year nuisance

The beginning of a New Year gives prominence to a few distinct groups of human beings who on even their best days are terribly annoying.

man to man / Enter the man cave

I would like to say 'No Girls Allowed', but good-looking men like us cannot have such limiting rules. So, what do you need for your Man Cave? A few of these choice elements...

Picking bones and beef

Why do men like Qurbani? Why wouldn't they? There's a manly slaughter, lots of beef and sweets to eat and of course there's the whole deal where we get to carry a machete around like real wise guys.

man to man / Dating a co-worker: Half truths and full lies

Dating a co-worker may always seem like a good idea, provided you are not breaking any office rules and properly managing to follow office etiquette.

MAN TO MAN / What's in your Purse?

From a very young age, most men learned that it was the height of rudeness to rummage through or ask about the contents of a woman's bag. Both acts were as scandalous as asking a lady her age.