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  • Limitless boundaries

    Getting your chores and errands done virtually is already something quite new for me, but if you had told me that I could even get my backache fixed virtually,

  • Light amongst darkness

    This Pahela Baishakh’s weather forecast is cloudy with a light summer breeze whooshing past you; the perfect weather to be outdoors all day from the crack of dawn till the late hours of the night.

  • Personally speaking

    In my imagination, I see myself in a beautiful home showered by the golden afternoon sunlight, the slant rays flirting with my plush

  • Shoot to thrill

    My first Bond movie was Thunderball at Madhumita Cinema Hall sometime in the late seventies. For lack of a baby sitter I tagged along on my parents’ movie date, thereby spoiling Sean Connery’s awesome action moments as James Bond for them.

  • Fresh off the stalks

    We are often under the illusion that eating healthy is a tedious process, but that could not be further from the truth.

  • Green all the way

    There is something comforting about greens; large trees, small shrubs and bushes, potted plants, indoor plants, even weeds.

  • Call of the rivers

    Majestic all the way, the sail is a sight to behold, and you can feel the wind propelling you onwards.

  • Everybody’s welcome to my city

    I love my city! Yes, this very tattered, tainted, and terrifying (and just about every other bad adjective my dictionary can conjure up) city has a profound pull on me.

  • The saga of roses

    Personally speaking, roses never topped my favourite flowers’ list; they do very little to move me. That claustrophobic red bouquet I once got on a Valentine’s Day from someone I was not too keen on, and that half dead rose stick I get on every Woman’s Day has ruined the flower for me. Even visiting the rose village at Savar did little to change the situation.

  • Set a picnic, please

    I have quite the humongous extended family. For the sake of clarity, just my first cousins alone sum up to a hundred plus figure. My eldest cousin is older than my mother, and my mum is now in her early ’70s!