Silver linings of the year that was

Pahela Baishakh 2022: Pahela Baishakh is back

Twenty-twenty was a terrible year. We lost many of our loved ones, respected members of our society; there was a complete lockdown, the economy came to a standstill, many of us lost our jobs. Yet, I would say, looking back, there have been some silver linings. We learnt and re-learnt many good traits and a few forgotten but important civic lessons. In one word, we improvised life as we knew it; amid pessimism and heart breaks, we are still on firm footing.

First and foremost, we have learnt the importance of family; the child in the nuclear family got both his/her parents at home, and in a long time s/he felt the wrap of love and security of having parents around. The spouses bonded and ironed out the differences, togetherness became top precedence.

The elderly of the family was in the priority list, maintaining cleanliness and proper household hygiene became a regular responsibility. In fact, I know a few families who did not even step out of their homes for the entire year, just so that the elderly would not come in touch with the virus. 

The reality of death was so intense and profound that we did press the brakes to appreciate life and living. We realised that the bigger picture of life is not about running after money, fame, lust, or success; these are so trivial in front of death.

Health became the number one concern and eating green and opting for wellness regimes brought us beneficial results. We wore masks and gave our lungs a break, we maintained social distancing and stayed away from negativity, we did not over-indulge ourselves by spending or showing off to get few virtual validations.

Yes, the person who lost his or her job, life did them injustice, but perhaps, it can be used as an opportunity. Now, you have time to re-think and start anew. For nine to five job holders, taking a risk is almost a sacrilegious sin, we are so dependent on that pay check that we cannot think ourselves out of that conditional box.

There are so many of us taking risk in doing small business. Your necessity will pave the way for you, hone your skills in other ways that make you happy. Earning less but being happy is far better than being rich and miserable.

The year was especially cruel to businesses, both small and big, like restaurants, fashion boutiques, the wedding industry and so many more were hard hit. But we did not stay put, we continued to roll the wheels of the economy in whatever speed.

It is our resilient human spirit that came out as the winner, it was a different year; nothing like this was ever experienced in our lifetime, but I would say nature forced us to stop. The grating lifestyle that we were so used to, was forcedly stopped. Life pressed a refresh button. Let's begin by taking it easy.

Happy New Year!


২৫ মিনিট আগে|রাজনীতি

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নির্দলীয় তত্ত্বাবধায়ক সরকার 'ডেড' নয়, এখন 'লাইভ' ইস্যু বলে মন্তব্য করেছেন বিএনপি মহাসচিব মির্জা ফখরুল ইসলাম আলমগীর।