Knowledge Speaks

Knowledge Speaks

What Ramadan changes in us: lessons for life

Setting aside the spirituality of the month, many of you have taken a break from the habitual fried food and have tried to maintain a healthier diet. Carry these small accomplishments forward to have a good year, and a good life, ahead.

knowledge speaks / A beginning with a hiccup

My nephew, Nashman, wrote to me from Houston, Texas about his experiences of the first few weeks in high school.

knowledge speaks / Find the missing link….to excellence

Many of my easy-going friends suggest that listening to the news on television, or reading every news item published in the newspaper everyday can penetrate your brain with more negative thoughts than positive ones.

Knowledge Speaks / Happy beginnings; happier ends

It is time when children are starting a new year in school. There's a lot of excitement in the air because the word 'new' brings in a feeling of stepping into an unknown area children nowadays love to explore.

Knowledge Speaks / The strength lies in being needed

A teacher's day starts with this sentence, “What can I do for a child today?” How does the society and the nation at large, respond to this dedication?