Engine block / The top 10 cars for Bangladeshi petrolheads

The automobile market in Bangladesh is gradually growing bigger, with customers now having a greater choice in cars. Following is a list of ten cars that are currently available in our market: new, recon, and restored. These ten cars will surely put a smile on your face for being quirky, fun and different.

Engine block / Best of the '1 Crore Club' And a few underdogs

The year 2017 has been pretty interesting for petrolheads in Bangladesh. We really do not have any roads left, yet we still had some super cool cars hitting the streets. Sometimes, those cars literally hit the streets.

Engine block / How to stop rats from eating your car

Most people want cars. Some need it. Few of us actually love cars. And that is the worst kind. We have cars we hardly use because it is much easier to walk, cycle or take a rickshaw.

Engine Block / How not to accessorise your car

Style is subjective to location, money and passing of puberty. Cars are an expression of style and individuality.