Dining at LongHorn Steak & Pizza

The rustic walls decorated with pictures of jazz legends, pastoral Western images, abstract paintings, the signature horn, and charts explaining beef cuts and level of doneness, as well as yellow...

Nawab Chatga: Four years and beyond

It seems like yesterday when I first walked into Nawab Chatga to delight my Chittagonian palate in Dhaka. And for someone who was born and raised in Chattogram, it did not fail to do that. Can’t...

A purr-fect evening at Capawcino Cat Cafe

In a homey and almost secluded corner of Eastern Housing at Mirpur, you can spot one of the most unique cafes in town.

Ramadan treats from Nando's and PEYALA Cafe

Like every year, once Ramadan begins, restaurants go all-out with their platters. And Nando's, with their Ramadan platters, have truly stood out with their “Feed your fire with ours” platters....

Ramadan offers from Food Chain Asia Ltd

Looking for restaurants to check out this Ramadan? Food Chain Asia Limited operates some of the most popular chains from abroad, and they have some great deals for both iftar and dinner across all...

GuruGuru Sushi

In a bid to satiate our never-ending cravings for Japanese cuisine, my friends and I stumbled into this quaint beauty of an eatery located in Banani.

June 30, 2015
June 30, 2015

Iftar at Dhaba

When Dhaba first arrived on the scene, it blew us away with its mouth-watering innovative and, above all, affordable cuisines.

March 17, 2015
March 17, 2015

New additions in the BBQ MENU

The Korean franchise in Bangladesh had recently celebrated its one-year anniversary in the country.