Boarding pass

Boarding pass

boarding pass / Bonifacio A Corsican holiday

The first thing I think of when I look back at my recent trip to the Corsican town of Bonifacio is the wind — my hair was flying all over the place.

boarding pass / Hidden gems of Croatia

It was raining when our taxi made its way into the Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia, in spring. I had fallen asleep on the journey, as always, and remember waking up every now and then to a misty grey sky outside.

boarding pass / Sweet tooth in Paris

We spent an entire day stomping through the cobbled streets of the city, hunting down sweets to wolf down. Here's how it went.

boarding pass / The Key West and Earnest Hemingway's Cats

The island of Key West in Florida once held a special place in the life of Earnest Hemingway. In spite of having read and admired some of his works, I was quite unaware of this connection until, upon arriving in the Key West, I stumbled upon his house on a hot, sunny day as I was trying to escape the heat.

boarding pass / Yellowstone National Park

We had been waiting for a good 20 minutes— and nothing! The Old Faithful, as the famous geyser is called, remained silent.

boarding pass / Xi'an: the dead and the living

One has to walk considerably to get to the location, which is smack right in the middle of farmland and sunny hills.

boarding pass / A year in Thailand

Solitude is a remarkable thing; it can make a philosopher out of anyone. I spent a quiet year in the south of Thailand in a place called Songkhla.

Have Food, Will Travel

A most curious thing happened recently. I realized that while people love to reminisce over the wonderful places from past vacations, the only thing I remember is the food. The glorious, glorious food.