Emotional Abuse-The Dark Side of a Romantic Relationship

Thank you for sharing your feelings with me. I can feel your struggle. It seems like you are suffering from emotional abuse, where, your partner is trying to control almost everything in your life.


It is upsetting to hear that you have diabetes. Type 2 diabetes means your body is resistant to insulin, and cannot use it to break blood sugar appropriately.


I have a one—month-old baby and I am scared that she might catch a cold this winter season. What can I do to keep my baby healthy?


I am a 60-year-old male. I have had hypertension for the past two years. During my routine check–up, I got to know that my prostate is now enlarged; that was six months ago and at that time my PSA was 3.5ng/ml.

ASK MAYA Apa / Looking out for the silent killer

Thank you for sharing your problem with us. We really appreciate that you felt confident in sharing your family history with us and we are sorry for your loss.

ASK MAYA Apa / Understanding HIV and AIDS

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is a form of virus that may cause an infection, but AIDS is a condition or a syndrome.

ASK MAYA APA / Runny Nose

I am a 17 year old boy. I am having difficulties memorising my study content. I can not concentrate for longer time and keep forgetting memorised content. I have a runny nose and cold all throughout a year. Can you please help me Maya Apa.

ASK MAYA APA / Post Partum Depression

I am 30 years old and my wife is 25. Few days ago she gave birth to a baby boy. It was the best time of our life.

For the newbies

Your baby will grow and change incredibly quickly. Try to go with the flow as he/she moves from one phase to another and don't force a routine on either of you.


I am 10 weeks pregnant and feel nauseated all the time. I know many women suffer from morning sickness during pregnancy but I am being sick throughout the day. Is this normal and what I can do to feel better?


My husband and I live in a six-storey building in Dhaka. During the recent earthquake, I was home alone and I could feel my whole building shaking.

To start a family

My husband and I would like to start a family. Both of us are healthy and we do not take any medications. Can you give me any tips?


I have heard that Zika Virus has been found in Bangladesh. I am worried about this as I don't know that much about the illness and my wife is pregnant. What should we do?

Irregular monthly cycle

A woman's menstrual cycle is from the first day of her period all the way to the day before her next period.

Menopausal moms

Thank you for your question. Menopause, is indeed a very significant time in a woman's life and it is important to understand it.


I am sitting for my A-level exams this year but I can't seem to be able to study. Every time I sit down with my books...