5 amazing places to visit in Kushtia

5 amazing places to visit in Kushtia
Photo: Sheikh Mehedi Morshed

Kushtia, the place where Lalon Shah spread his message of spirituality and where Rabindranath Tagore came to stay to have inspiration for a number of his writings. Located in the Khulna division in south-western Bangladesh, this city calls upon you with its mesmerizing cultural heritage and beautiful natural sites.

So here are 5 places that you must visit the next time you are in Kushtia.

Lalon Shah Bridge and Hardinge Bridge

The Lalon Shah Bridge is one of the largest bridges in Bangladesh, which is 1.8 km long and 18.10 meters wide, with the two lanes of the bridge separated through a divider. You can witness the mighty Padma River or the surrounding natural environment amidst a gust of wind from the bridge.

Parallel to the Lalon Shah Bridge is the Hardinge Bridge, a century old steel railway bridge that's still used to this day. Being a specimen of the British era, the bridge stands as a token from the past while the Lalon Shah Bridge portrays the modern architectural achievement, seeing these two bridges side by side gives quite the spectacular view.

Chapaigachi Beel

Situated some 13 km away from Kushtia town, this is a place for the natural beauty lovers with its endless view of the water. This wetland was formed from the inflowing two canals and three rivers surrounding it. The water level gets so low during summer that muddy bottom of the beel is clearly visible. Ideal time to visit would be during the rainy season to see the water flowing and creating lush scenery.

Tagore Lodge

It's the place when Rabindranath Tagore stayed and in turn served as the inspiration for masterpieces like Sonar Tari, Chitra, and others.  Located seven km from Kushtia Sadar at Milpara, this two-storey edifice was established on nine katha lands. A bust of Tagore is installed at the entrance while the large hall on the ground floor and one room at the top floor has copies of the books written by Tagore, along with 12 paintings.

With a lovely twisted iron staircase in the corner of the west side of the building and a green grass covered courtyard with a small open platform outside, chances are this serene setting might get you in the mood to write your own poetry!

Lalon Akhra, the shrine of Lalon Fakir

The spiritual leader who taught his disciples the way of the life without greed, hatred and every other negative emotion, Lalon Fakir's shrine is in the Kumarkhali upazilla of the Kushtia district. Rows of graves surround the central all-white shrine where Lalon is buried; visiting this mausoleum will make you feel in touch with your spiritual self.

With Lalon mela approaching in the month of Kartik, which is in October, it would be best to visit the shrine and then attend the Lalon Mela, where disciples still gather to mourn and celebrate their spiritual leader. Baul song festival is held throughout the night and shrine is decorated with colourful lighting.

5 amazing places to visit in Kushtia
Photo: Sheikh Mehedi Morshed

Jhaudia Shahi Mosque

Located in Jhaudia village, 22 km from Kushtia Sadar, this mosque is an archaeological marvel. This artistically crafted mosque has three domes, doors and queues for prayers. On top five beautiful domes can be seen as well as two minarets inside. One unique feature of this mosque is its cold feeling interior, thanks to it being built with earthen tally.