Baagh's environmentally friendly Eco Taxi coming soon

The Baagh Eco Taxi is the first electric three-wheeler to get approval from BRTA to run on the streets of Dhaka.
The Baagh Eco Taxi is the first electric three-wheeler to get approval from BRTA to run on the streets of Dhaka. Photo: Collected

Imagine a vehicle that runs on chargeable batteries, is environmentally friendly, seats about 7 comfortably, feels cooler than most other vehicles in its race and is cheap to boot? Sounds too good to be true? Not anymore. The Baagh Eco Taxi promises all this and more.

It is the first electric three-wheeler to get a nod of approval from BRTA to run on the streets of the busy metropolitan city, the owner of Baagh Motors, Jashimul Islam is also exploring the scope of an exclusive ride-sharing app to regulate the use of the vehicle.

By running on electrical charge as opposed to oil or gas, the taxi is designed to leave a much smaller carbon footprint on the environment than other automobiles. Solar panels installed on its roof will lend it additional mileage when battery charge runs low, conserving energy further. The taxi is also expected to be a whole lot cooler than other oil or gas run vehicles, capping the in-vehicle temperature to a tolerable 32 degrees. To add the proverbial cherry on top, the three-wheeler is practically soundless. Through the stellar usage of green technology, Baagh Eco Taxi promises to be a boon for the pollution-ridden environment of urban Dhaka.

Placing utmost priority on the safety of its passengers, the vehicle comes with a "panic button," the pressing of which will slow down the taxi considerably before bringing it to a complete stop for the next 20 minutes. The button simultaneously alerts the authorities of suspicious happenings inside the vehicle. The taxi will additionally be equipped with a CCTV camera, GPS tracking, real-time app-run monitoring and free Wi-Fi for its passengers, to further reduce risks associated with ride-sharing.

Even if carpooling is an alien concept in Dhaka, a lot of CNGs have been seen running on a ride-sharing basis for short distances in several areas of the city. Offering cheaper fares, secure features and better comfort overall, the eco-friendly taxis from Baagh Motors are expected to do their bit in reducing road traffic and bringing some respite to the frustrated commuters of the metro.

Not just through the uniqueness of its design and safety features but also environmentally, Baagh Eco Taxi packs a significant punch. Going into production as early as July 2022, the three-wheeler has a manufacturing capacity of 5000 units per month, and is set to grace the streets of Dhaka soon.