Letters to the Editor | The Daily Star
  • Looking forward to a win?

    Whenever our cricketers have underestimated their opposition, they have had to face the consequences—be it Canada, Hong Kong, Afghanistan or even Kenya.

  • Dhaka’s unbearable traffic

    After some relief during the Eid holidays, Dhaka’s traffic is back to its horrid worst. It truly is amazing how constantly bad the traffic in Dhaka is and the fact that people have grown so accustomed to it, that they simply accept it as it is, day in and day out.

  • Preventing future dengue outbreaks

    In 2019, Bangladesh suffered from a devastating dengue outbreak. On September 8, The Daily Star reported that according to official statistics, 75,753 people were hospitalised with the disease since the beginning of the year.

  • The problem of jaywalking

    Road accidents have a become a common phenomenon in our country; it has become a part of our lives. Unfortunately, pedestrians contribute to this scenario by not following traffic rules.

  • The importance of sex education

    We live in one of the most sexually repressed societies in the world. The word “sex” is considered a taboo here; yet we have a population

  • Govt should impose tax on the tech giants

    Bangladesh’s IT sector has grown significantly in recent years. Consequently, more and more people are getting access to digital technologies and using smartphones in their everyday life.

  • Pedophiles must be handed strict punishment

    Rape has become a major problem for us. Women, girls, boys and even men are becoming victims of this social malaise. What is alarming is that these days, even teachers and religious clergy are also taking advantage of their little pupils and victimising them.

  • Reschedule BUET, medical admission tests

    This year’s admission season for tertiary education is just around the corner. The students are right now taking preparation for their admission in one of the many public universities and medical colleges across the country.

  • Save the Amazon for our survival

    Brazil’s Amazon rainforest has seen a huge jump in the number of fires this year compared to the previous year. Over the past decade,

  • Where is our society going wrong?

    We often forget how young boys too are susceptible to the malicious eyes of sexual predators, who will stop at nothing. An eight-year old boy was gang-raped and killed recently in Noakhali.

  • Road needs immediate repair!

    The road connecting the Chattogram Port with Dhaka is in poor shape. Hundreds of cargo vehicles take great risk every day while using this road. Over the last few years, the condition of the road has deteriorated even further and the road right now is in desperate need of repair.

  • Govt. must take responsibility for disappearances

    Cases of enforced disappearances have remained pervasive in our country, despite the huge media outcry and public backlash—and have been denied by government agencies, in spite of the alleged involvement of law enforcers in many cases.

  • A world without terrorism

    Considering what has been happening in many parts of the world in the recent past in terms of terror bombings, there seems to be no end to the scourge of terrorism.

  • Remove barriers for female entrepreneurs

    Bangladesh would gain massively by encouraging more women to participate in entrepreneurial activities. But time and again, female entrepreneurs have had to face barriers while setting up a new company—barriers that, according to reports, have reduced but should be eliminated completely.

  • How long will this go on?

    Once again, an innocent pedestrian had to lose her leg for the recklessness of two bus drivers.

  • The fatigue of Dengue news

    The current record-breaking outbreak of dengue in Bangladesh, and other Asian countries, is a nightmare for any nation. Thousands of people have been hospitalised, with many losing their lives.

  • Save children from sexual abuse

    Bangladesh Shishu Adhikar Forum (BSAF) recently released a shocking report which revealed how incidents of child rape reached an alarming level in the first seven months of 2019, compared to the corresponding period of last year.

  • This cannot be the picture of prosperity

    The whole county is in a forlorn state with our spate of tragic events. There is no respite given our outbreak of dengue, incidences of sexual violence every other day, the increasing audacity of criminals and our overall moral erosion.

  • Protect Meghna from irreparable damage

    According to a report by Asian Development Bank, Meghna river’s deteriorating condition may reach a point of no return in the next five years, due to pollution. One of the three major rivers of Bangladesh, it might soon reach a threshold that would be beyond treatment. DWASA has already undertaken ambitious projects involving Meghna that, upon completion, has the potential to provide 40 percent of drinking water for Dhaka dwellers.

  • Stumbling blocks in Rohingya repatriation

    A second attempt to repatriate the Rohingya refugees has failed as none of them agreed to go back to their homeland in Rakhine state of Myanmar.

  • Revive the tourism sector

    There is no doubt that Bangladesh’s scenic beauty is one of its defining features and also a major attraction to tourists around the world.

  • No justice for Rohingyas

    The Rohingya crisis is now around two years old. For these last two whole years, Bangladesh has had to house thousands of Rohingyas who were forced to leave Myanmar by its military in cahoots with extremist aspects of its society and government.

  • Dengue outbreak getting worse

    People in our country are getting no relief owing to the dengue epidemic which is only getting worse. Conditions outside the capital have also alarmingly deteriorated. The number of patients admitted to hospitals in rural areas were higher than in the capital, last week.

  • Are we really growing?

    Despite Bangladesh’s high economic growth, both the agricultural and industrial sectors have been unable to create enough jobs, which is raising serious questions about the significance of the country’s growth.

  • Businesses need a change in perception

    Finding a job these days takes considerable effort, whether it be at a private or government institution. On top of that, a number of companies are apparently reluctant to hire graduates from certain universities which makes things more problematic.

  • Stumbling blocks in the freelance market

    Freelancing is a thriving sector in Bangladesh with many opportunities and is a growing hub for the nation’s youth. Yet, the sector is facing hindrances due to many complications.

  • Dreams turned to ashes overnight

    Last Friday, an inferno destroyed thousands of shanties in Chalantika slum in Mirpur, rendering thousands of people homeless, leaving behind only their charred valuables. Many returned from their hometown after the Eid-ul-Azha holiday to find ashes where their dwelling had once been. These already low-wage earners are now left in destitute conditions and are in desperate need of rehabilitation.

  • Surge in remittance inflow

    Bangladesh has managed to garner a sum of USD 716.2 million through remittance during the first nine days of August right before Eid-ul-Azha—which is the second highest source of foreign currency earnings for Bangladesh, second only to the readymade garments industry.

  • Agartala Airport expanding into Bangladesh

    India has proposed to upgrade and expand its Agartala Airport into Bangladeshi territory in Brahmanbaria. Although a detailed technical proposal is yet to be made, this should be dealt with, keeping in mind the political and security issues.

  • Plight of rawhide traders

    The price of rawhide has fallen sharply causing immense loss to small and seasonal traders during this Eid-ul-Azha. On average,