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  • No room for complacency

    According to a survey by the Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR), around 45 percent of people surveyed in Dhaka were

  • Second wave of Covid-19

    The severity of coronavirus has not diminished, but public life is continuing as before. People are crowding bazaars, shopping malls and public

  • Women paving the way

    At a time when the nation is enraged over the recent atrocities faced by women, we are proud of Nazma Begum—the Bangladesh Army’s first woman

  • Is rape being normalised?

    A graphic video of a woman being raped and brutalised has caused a national outcry recently. The horrific incident reveals the audacity of sexual

  • Bangladesh in UN Peacekeeping Mission

    It is a matter of great pride for us that Bangladesh has secured the top rank in sending troops to the United Nations peacekeeping missions amongst

  • Horrors in hostels

    The recent case of rape at MC College is another example of the misdeeds committed by student cadres of the ruling party. All student dormitories are

  • Alarming rise in rapes

    Why are we failing so miserably to put an end to rape? What is more horrifying is that gang rapes are on the rise. The recent cases of a Chakma woman

  • Drug trade on the rise

    The rate at which drug dealing and drug abuse is on the rise is surely alarming. In the past, such things would take place in narrow alleyways or similar

  • Will the pandemic ever end?

    It frightens me that despite the worsening conditions in Bangladesh, its business as usual whenever I step out of the house. It seems that the public

  • Take action against syndicates

    Capitalising on the demand of the general consumer and increasing the price by reducing the supply of goods in the market in the hope of extra profits has been going on for a long time. Even in the early stages of lockdown, low quality products were being sold at high prices.

  • Extending tenure of Wasa MD worrisome

    I was shocked to find that Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (Wasa) board members approved a proposal to extend the tenure of its present

  • No end to accidents

    Day after day, whether there is a pandemic or not, one killer that has remained active for too long is road accidents. According to a report, at least

  • Of tears and turmoil

    India’s ban on onion exports, along with the decreasing stock of locally-grown onions, has given unscrupulous traders the chance to cash in. Onions

  • Ensure rehabilitation of street children

    According to various media outlets, the number of street children in Bangladesh could be around 4 lakh. Three-quarters of them are in Dhaka. These

  • Drug trade still strong

    Drug addiction, and especially to yaba, has become a very common thing in our society. Teknaf was once the haven for yaba trade, but after law

  • Traditional games in crisis

    Games and sports are one of the main sources of entertainment as well as physical fitness for people of any age. It helps in mental development of

  • Monitoring of online businesses crucial

    Online businesses have grown exponentially in recent years, and even more so during the ongoing pandemic. Many of these businesses are based on

  • We miss you, Tigers

    The world has changed dramatically in just months. Gone are the days when we could do things we love, like watching our national cricket team play,

  • Post-pandemic uncertainty or hope?

    It is no surprise that we are currently going through a global recession owing to the crippling pandemic, and this situation is not likely to get better

  • Will smoking ever be banned?

    It is extremely important to ban smoking as the consumption of tobacco products is severely harmful for our health and our surroundings. Even more

  • We must focus on integrity

    The definition of values has changed dramatically in recent times, as people prioritise money more than relationships and other human beings.

  • DSCC’s move to relocate dogs unjust

    Many of us have seen the human chain organised recently by a large group of animal lovers against Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC), protesting

  • Walking the talk on skin colour

    While we often talk about the equality of skin colours and every race deserving equal rights, it all goes in vain if we fail to act accordingly in our life.

  • Chaos with e-commerce

    E-commerce platform Evaly recently came under the spotlight after widespread criticism over its transactions. There are allegations against the

  • online classes

    Help the university students

    I am a student of one of the top private universities in the capital. Unfortunately, our institution is pressuring us continuously and giving everyone

  • Biodegradable PPE

    A recent report in this daily highlighted the invention of biodegradable PPE by Dr Mubarak Ahmad Khan, who also invented the famous Sonali Bag using

  • Stop child marriage at all costs

    Child marriage has not stopped due to lack of proper awareness and effective measures. In fact, the number of child marriages has increased during

  • Crowded buses will pose great health risks

    Before the resumption of public transport following lockdown, the government had hiked bus fares by 60 percent on the condition that the vehicles

  • Justice for Aritry Adhikary

    On December 3, 2018, Aritry was found hanging from the ceiling of her home, hours after she and her parents were allegedly insulted by some

  • No precaution on public transport

    A few days ago, I got out from my house and could not find any CNG-run auto rickshaw, so I simply hopped on a bus as it was relatively empty. I felt