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  • The case for a new Upazila in Rangamati

    Langadu Upazila, a sub-unit of Rangamati district, consists of a number of unions.

  • Voices of the youth missing in politics

    Throughout our history, young leaders and activists were the vanguard of all nationalist movements that eventually resulted in the independence of Bangladesh. Most of those who participated in the Liberation War of 1971 were under 40 or 30 years old.

  • It should be easier to pay taxes

    Income tax is the second biggest source of revenue for the government, according to our national budget, second only to Value Added Tax. Taxpayers have long complained that our tax system is complicated and has remained so, despite changes.

  • Should we use EVMs?

    Bangladesh's polity is divided on whether to use Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) in the forthcoming elections. While EVMs are convenient, experts say that they are susceptible to cyber attacks and manipulation.

  • Ruling party has to do more

    BNP and its allies have decided to participate in the forthcoming national election, scheduled to be held on December 30, while the government will continue to oversee everything.

  • Yet another mass shooting in the US

    In a rather familiar but tragic development in the US, yet another mass shooting took place on November 7, barely 24 hours or so after the nation's midterm elections ended. The ghastly incident in California took the lives of 13 individuals, including the shooter himself.

  • No respite from divisive politics

    The US midterm election shows that the politics of division isn't waning. Rather its appeal is still overwhelming. While the election saw the Democrats take control of the House of Representatives, the Republicans have managed to extend their control over the Senate.

  • For a free and fair election

    The Election Commission has announced the date of the 11th parliamentary election, which is December 23, 2018. As an ordinary

  • Minority communities in fear as election nears

    The Election Commission has announced the schedule of the election, and political parties and potential candidates are busy preparing their campaigns.

  • Needless honking by drivers should stop

    I had recently visited Thailand after a gap of 33 years. When I last went there back in 1985 before this visit, there was no overhead or underground mass rapid transit system in Bangkok.

  • How can Bangladesh use hydroelectricity?

    I recently came across a news item on hydro-power production in Asian countries. Bangladesh, with a capacity of just 230 MW, was ranked at the bottom of the tally. We rather rely on coal-powered rental power plants, among others, to meet out electricity demands.

  • Will the dialogue bear fruit?

    The entire nation earnestly hopes that the planned dialogue between the ruling and opposition alliances, slated to be held on Wednesday, will be successful in minimising their differences.

  • Dialogue must be successful for future stability

    Under the current political atmosphere, dialogue between the two major political alliances—one led by the ruling Awami League and the other by the main opposition party BNP—is a must for ensuring political stability in the country ahead of the national election.

  • Why are the populists winning?

    Brazil has recently elected Jair Bolsonaro, known to many as a fascist. His victory is the latest in a series of triumphs for populist leaders across the world.

  • Dialogue and the art of compromise

    It's frustrating that nothing fruitful came from the dialogue between Awami League, which leads the ruling 14-party coalition, and Dr

  • Use of firearms in financial institutions

    An issue that was raised in your paper on Tuesday, October 30, 2018 titled “Firearms law flouted at will” is a matter of grave concern.

  • Drug addiction is a disease, not a crime

    The Daily Star published an opinion piece titled “Drug abuse must be treated as a public health issue, not a war” on October 31. As a psychiatrist, my reaction is as follows.

  • We expected more

    From what seems to be the outcome so far, it has to be said that the meeting between the Awami League and the Oikyafront was a big let-down for the people of this country.

  • The great deterioration of student politics

    Gone are the days when student politics was admirable—when the prevailing atmosphere in all educational institutions were praiseworthy. Back in those days, Student's League and Students Union were the only two wings that made up the political community in universities.

  • A good move by the ruling party

    The positive nod to Oikyafront leaders' formal dialogue proposal is a good decision by the party in power. However, we are sceptical

  • Don't let petty politics hurt Indo-Bangla relations

    During the British regime, thousands of Muslims settled in what now is known as Assam from the then-Bengal province.

  • Sri Lanka in turmoil

    A violent wind of change is sweeping through Sri Lanka, where the prime minister has been ousted, the cabinet sacked and the parliament suspended.

  • How safe is the food we eat?

    We consume food to live. Yet how safe are the foods that we are consuming on a daily basis? Many of what we eat are subject to adulteration.

  • Bangladesh may benefit from US-China trade war

    While the ongoing trade war between the US and China, the world's two biggest economies, has set off alarm bells, Bangladesh may end

  • Globalisation isn't enough for business growth

    Walmart, the global supermarket brand, bought Seiyu to operate their business in Japan. After just one year, Walmart lost a number of its outlets. If it shuts down its business completely in Japan, it wouldn't be the first company to do so. Before Walmart, the UK's largest retail brand also faced a similar situation.

  • Reimburse students for transport cost

    The fact that the question paper for “Gha” unit at Dhaka University was leaked before the admission test is depressing.

  • Leaking private phone conversations

    We have noticed with utter concern that phone conversations of mostly opposition leaders have been “leaked” to the media or on social media by unidentified individuals.

  • Is travelling at night a crime for a woman?

    A video showing policemen harassing a young woman went viral on social media recently. Two policemen were seen in the footage stopping an auto-rickshaw in which the woman was travelling alone at night.

  • Saudi Arabia must be held to account

    Saudi Arabia has finally admitted that Jamal Khashoggi, a dissident Saudi journalist critical of the Saudi regime and a columnist for The Washington Post, was killed inside its consulate in Istanbul, Turkey.

  • Legendary Singer Ayub Bachchu

    A tribute to Ayub Bachchu

    The legendary rock star Ayub Bachchu recently left us. We are greatly saddened by his untimely departure.