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  • Monsoon rain should not bring sufferings to people

    The torrential monsoon rains, as usual, have led to massive flooding across the country—leaving thousands marooned and displaced. As the houses built on lowland areas got flooded with contaminated water, people living there have been suffering from many water-borne

  • Repercussions of tax on Sanchaypatra

    Traditionally, retired service holders as well as people of low and fixed-income group and impoverished groups—especially dependent

  • Compromising the wellbeing of the public

    After collecting 10 random samples from pasteurised and non-pasteurised milk, Dhaka University researchers have yet again found antibiotics in milk being sold in the market.

  • Monsoon cripples Rohingya camps

    Most of the makeshift Rohingya camps are built either on the hilltops or alongside the hillslope areas.

  • Rapists must be punished

    News on rape incidents has become an everyday thing. Such horrific crimes have become far too common in our society.

  • BTRC reduces bandwidth capacity of major telecoms

    The news came as a surprise to many when the two MNC telecom companies, Grameenphone and Robi, were accused of dodging government dues.

  • Monsoon is the right time to plant a tree

    The government inaugurates the tree plantation season in June every year, and it continues till September.

  • Challenges of digital entrepreneurship

    Nowadays, businesses are more inclined to prioritising their online ventures. Retail businesses are thriving through social networking sites and whole new corporations are being built solely based on websites and apps. Even though all these are contributing to our

  • Save the children from sexual abuse

    It was shocking to know that a seven-year-old girl in Wari was brutally murdered in a vacant flat after being raped. It is sickening that not even children are safe from the preying eyes of such perverted men. These incidents have a profound impact on children, among others.

  • Laws do exist, we must all use them

    The main accused in the case of Rifat Sharif’s murder in Barguna, Sabbir Rahman Nayan, was shot dead in an “encounter” with the police.

  • Technology in the workforce: A friend or foe?

    Research predicts that industrial automation will eat away 20 million jobs by 2030 around the world. Due to the fourth industrial revolution, the demand for the skillset in labour is going through a transformation.

  • Rescuing street children from drugs

    The number of street children has been perpetually rising in the capital. In recent years, the prevalence of substance abuse among them has also been on the rise. They sniff inhalant and dendrite on the streets. These homeless children become victims to the malicious intentions of drug lords.

  • Income inequality hampers development

    Income inequality has been increasing at an unprecedented rate due to the further increment of wealth concentration and the increase in the number of ultra-rich people in the country.

  • Reforming our education system

    Many critics have rightly argued that the higher education system in Bangladesh should incorporate more holistic curricula which

  • Risks of using unlabelled beauty, healthcare products

    Beauty and healthcare products are necessities for females of all ages and their popularity is soaring increasingly. Young women are

  • A monstrous crime

    I was shocked to read about the rape of a nine-month-old baby in Chattogram. Such abuse of an infant is a monstrous crime.

  • Holding our breath!

    Right now, the people of the country are amidst the World Cup Cricket frenzy. People look to sports for excitement and it is a good distraction from the negative incidents that continue to take place in the country.

  • Facing the challenges of the 4IR

    The world economy is undergoing a paradigm shift with the evolution of advanced technologies such as industrial robot, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, internet of things (IoT), blockchain and data science.

  • BSTI cannot avoid responsibility

    It’s shocking that two important organisations would reach contradictory conclusions about the quality of a food item as essential as milk. In the first instance, researchers from Dhaka University made a shocking revelation that they found traces of detergent and

  • Ride-sharing apps: Better safe than sorry

    Ride-sharing apps have garnered widespread popularity in Bangladesh. The success of Pathao has motivated young entrepreneurs to find

  • Why are your banks technologically backward?

    Our banking industry has been susceptible to a number of cyber-attacks recently. Dutch Bangla Bank Limited (DBBL), NCC Bank and Prime Bank, have been subjected to cyber-attacks that siphoned off a big chunk of money.

  • Wilful defaulters should be punished

    Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal disclosed in parliament a list of the country’s top 300 loan defaulters who have gobbled up Tk

  • How real are the stories of gunfight?

    Drug dealing is one of the most inauspicious topics in our country. These days drug dealers often make headlines in connection with

  • Alarming rate of cesarean delivery

    Recently, Save the Children Bangladesh released an alarming report that claimed that unnecessary caesarean operations have increased

  • Ensure fair constable recruitment

    The recruitment of 9,680 police constables began on June 22 and will run until July 9. An unfortunate fact in this process is that prospective candidates, from low middle-class backgrounds, are afraid of attending the recruitment competition because they cannot

  • Where do the Rohingyas go from here?

    It is a major concern that the process of Rohingyas’ repatriation has made no progress. Our government along with the UN has failed to put enough pressure on Myanmar to take back these refugees.

  • First magnetite iron mine unveiled in Bangladesh

    This letter is in reference to a report titled, “Bangladesh discovers first magnetite iron mine in Dinajpur”, published in this newspaper recently.

  • Saving the Sundarbans

    From a report published in this newspaper on June 15, we learned that the World Heritage Centre of Unesco has decided to include the Sundarbans on the list of World Heritage in Danger.

  • Bangladesh wins with its batting prowess!

    On June 17, Bangladesh won the match against West Indies convincingly, chasing a total of 322 runs. Bangladesh won the toss and chose to bowl.

  • Save our rivers

    It is a matter of great concern that the once mighty Titas River flowing over Brahmanbaria has turned into a narrow canal due to ongoing illegal grabbing. People living on Titas River’s banks have indiscriminately occupied the river banks and its adjacent land by building structures in different spots. Sediment and sand have filled up the river.