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  • Pitfalls of online education

    Direct education has temporarily paused due to Covid-19, and have been replaced by online classes, to attend which, students must have the right

  • Justice for Major Sinha

    It is extremely disturbing to think of the manner in which 36-year-old former army major Sinha Md Rashed Khan was shot dead at the Shamlapur

  • Stop promoting smoking

    Smoking and the consumption of tobacco products are harmful for health and our surrounding environment. It is not possible for the government to

  • Save SMEs

    Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are considered a vital component of economic development in Bangladesh because it helps in creating

  • Stand beside the flood victims

    The recent floods have left thousands of people hungry and vulnerable to diseases like diarrhoea in the absence of adequate relief supplies. Many of

  • Discard waste properly

    A few days ago, I was very surprised to see my friend, a university student, throwing waste through the window. I warned him about what he was doing

  • Continue distance learning

    As a primary school teacher I never thought I would have to teach my students on the digital platform, sending them lessons through SMS and giving

  • Avoid going out unnecessarily

    Besides taking over our daily lives, the pandemic has also taken away our right to leave our homes to visit family and friends. Ever since the lockdown

  • Install Covid-19 testing facility at airport

    In view of the directive that travellers going overseas must have a Covid-19 certificate, obtained within ninety-six hours of the date of travel, and the

  • We shall overcome this pandemic

    The most advanced countries in the world have been rendered helpless by the coronavirus pandemic. Even though the future looks bleak, we must not

  • Caring for ASD children

    In Bangladesh, a large number of people are suffering from autism spectrum disorders (ASD), especially children, who need regular supervision. But

  • Imprisoned indoors

    There is nothing more frustrating than being stuck within the confines of four walls as a student because of the ongoing pandemic. When the

  • Stop fooling students

    In the wake of this pandemic, “business” in the name of providing “private university education” has not stopped. Rather, it has gained more

  • Ease internet access

    While the debate over whether to conduct all academic classes over the internet amidst the pandemic remains prevalent, a major problem that stands

  • A possible genocide again?

    Myanmar’s new threat of “clearance operations” is a disturbing echo of atrocities committed against the Rohingya minority and a reminder of the risks

  • Surplus power

    Not long ago, the problem of load-shedding was a serious one for the nation, causing economic losses due to prolonged power outages. However, the

  • China, India should act more responsibly

    Amidst a global pandemic, two nuclear-armed countries like China and India are in conflict with each other over their borders. If the conflict escalates

  • Plastic use on the rise

    Since the easing of the lockdown, many businesses, as well as the ever-popular tea stalls, have reopened. Tea and coffee are being served in plastic

  • Pandemic burials

    The practice of honouring the last rites of the deceased has been impeded by the pandemic, as it is unclear how long the virus can survive on a person

  • Stop sexual violence

    Incidents of rape are still taking place quite frequently in Bangladesh. Those who commit such heinous crimes usually have no remorse. Every day,

  • Opinions must be heard

    There used to be a polls section on the website of this daily where we could vote on whether we agreed with government policies or not. This was our

  • Prayers for our cricketers

    The former Bangladesh captain Mashrafe Bin Mortaza tested positive for coronavirus recently and confirmed it through a Facebook post. Earlier, Mashrafe’s brother informed the media that the fast bowler had been suffering from fever for the past few days. Also, left-arm spinner Nazmul Islam and former opener Nafees Iqbal confirmed that they had tested positive for the virus.

  • Stop creating more refugees

    I strongly believe that if the world unites effectively in tackling the reasons that cause people to flee their home countries, then recurring incidents of migrants dying at sea will eventually come to an end.

  • Deal with deforestation

    Recently, we witnessed how Sundarban protected us from the super cyclone Amphan. In the process, a large number of trees were damaged. We must

  • Murder of doctor unacceptable

    At a time when doctors—frontline workers in our battle against the coronavirus pandemic—are struggling to provide healthcare support to the nation, I was enraged by the news that the family of a patient who died after giving birth to a child reportedly killed a doctor in Khulna.

  • Higher cost of phone usage

    Following the proposed budget for the 2020-21 fiscal year, mobile phone users will have to pay higher bills as supplementary duty is set to increase

  • Salute to those on the frontline

    As an ordinary citizen, I feel immensely proud of all the workers on the frontline serving our nation diligently ever since the pandemic broke out.

  • Japan imposes flight ban

    Bangladesh was allowed to operate special charted flights to and from selected countries including Japan, on the condition that all intended

  • Ride-sharing services must commence

    Since the easing of lockdown, we saw a steady rise in the number of vehicles on the roads. Regular bus services resumed to facilitate public

  • Respect every race

    Our protests about race equality will be in vain if we fail to look at ourselves. Associating white with superiority is set deep in our minds while being