Letters to the Editor | The Daily Star
  • This is my December

    The month of December is a beautiful time of the year. Every day while heading out for work there is a strong sense of patriotism in the air as I watch vendors selling various sized flags of Bangladesh.

  • Heritage sites must be preserved

    While it is a matter of pride that our nation has seen significant economic development in the recent past, it is however disappointing

  • Solving Dhaka’s overpopulation problem

    Dhaka is under intense population pressure as more and more people flock to the city, many argue, to pursue a better life. According to a recent study, however, about 57 percent of Dhaka dwellers would have gone to villages had there been employment opportunities and basic civic facilities like good education and healthcare.

  • Fear of dengue still lurks

    Right when it seemed that the dengue epidemic would come under control, for some unusual reason, the deadly disease is back to claim more lives. And the steps taken by the authorities seem to have had little effect in eliminating the deadly Aedes mosquitoes.

  • Philanthropists who touch our hearts

    I recently read a report on The Daily Star titled, “Picking up where Baker left off” and I was immensely touched by it. Such a beautiful story truly serves as a strong means of inspiration.

  • Lower the interest rates

    A lot has been said about establishing a single-digit interest rate. Even though the authorities have expressed their wish to bring down the interest rate on lending to single-digit in all banks—as high rates are sometimes the main reason for loan defaults—the full-fledged implementation of it is far from certainty. But what is the reason for this delay?

  • Introduce tax incentives to encourage citizens

    I would like to draw the attention of the Ministry of Finance and the National Board of Revenue (NBR) to the importance of introducing

  • Do we really need another NBFI?

    An editorial published by The Daily Star on December 2, on the proposed opening of a new non-banking financial institution (NBFI), has been on point.

  • More worries for banking sector

    According to a report published in this daily on November 28, defaulted loans went up by 24 percent to Tk 116,288 crore in September compared to that in December last year—the amount being the highest in the country’s history.

  • Prevention is better than cure

    As a mother of three, I can confidently say that many children tend to give their parents a hard time when eating their meals. Even though all my children are teenagers now, they still make a fuss about their food.

  • Strict supervision for E-commerce

    As we progress as a nation towards development, many positive changes have occurred over time. One of the most convenient approaches taken to digitise Bangladesh was the introduction of E-commerce. Even though the initiatives were taken long ago to familiarise the public about the benefits of such services, it took us a while to further develop the idea and practice. Now almost the majority of city dwellers are accustomed to E-commerce. The possibilities of such services are abundant too. However, some people out there are trying to take advantage of the situation. There are many pages or sites on the internet that display certain products, but upon ordering, the products that are delivered turn out to vary in size, shape or even quality. As a victim myself, and on behalf of others, I would like to request the concerned authorities to strictly regulate the E-commerce industry. That way, not only will this industry flourish, but it will also contribute to the growth of our economy. Md Arifur Rahman Sumon, Savar, Dhaka

  • Selective sympathy?

    The horrific terror attack at the Gulshan café in 2016 left the nation and the world in utter shock. Whatever their motives were, we are all glad to know that the perpetrators were justly served the death sentence. A sense of justice was felt when the news made headlines in Bangladesh and beyond our borders.

  • The onion outcry

    In my life of 63 years, never have I seen a situation where multiple authorities together could not regulate the price of a simple commodity like onion.

  • Will our air quality ever improve?

    Why is it that we tend to excel in all things negative? Why isn’t it the other way around? Yes, I am talking about our world-class ranking (!) in air pollution.

  • Prevent drug abuse

    Drug abuse by the young people has reached an alarming stage. Many young students reportedly turn to drugs as soon as they get into colleges or universities.

  • Why risk the environment?

    The government has reportedly acquired land in Cox’s Bazar to build 17 coal-fired power plants by 2031. A fact-finding mission by two environmentalist groups found that Cox’s Bazar will become one of the most polluted places in the country after these power plants start their operation.

  • Broadcast businesses on the brink

    The private satellite channels of Bangladesh have been struggling to maintain their business for some time now.

  • Stop shaming a champion

    Ilias Kanchan is well known and respected by many for his advocacy demanding road safety for all citizens. However, recently I noticed on social media photos and videos of some agitators who were throwing shoes and setting fire to the effigy and posters of Ilias Kanchan during the strike enforced by transport leaders and workers, demanding changes in the new transport act. During their protests, the agitators also called him names.

  • Scarcity of playgrounds

    Gone are the days when many of the residents of a community would all gather at the playing field. That sense of “attending” such social gatherings are a rarity today, especially in the capital.

  • Reforms and strikes

    Many workers of the transport sector took to the streets recently to protest the enforcement of the Road Transport Act 2018, which is meant for the overall betterment of all those who travel by public transport.

  • Commodity prices keep rising

    For more than a month, high onion price has caused all sorts of problems for the people. Government officials, instead of doing their jobs, have been making all sorts of excuses, taking failed initiatives and joking that people should just make do without onions.

  • Rise in onion price

    In the wake of the skyrocketing onion prices, I was shocked to see the news on TV of huge quantities of the bulb rotting away at various places.

  • We should learn from rickshaw puller’s honesty

    The news of a rickshaw puller who returned Tk 18.5 lakh to a passenger, who had mistakenly left it in the rickshaw, is an inspiring story of honesty.

  • How many more Bangladeshi women to suffer abroad?

    The plight of female workers in the Middle East, especially in Saudi Arabia, has been a disturbing reality to say the least. The ones who survive bear the scars for the rest of their lives.

  • Three-point demand by Buet students

    The students of Buet have placed a three-point demand at a press meet recently, announcing that they would resume their academic activities if the demands are met.

  • Case against Myanmar: A long overdue initiative

    On behalf of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), The Gambia has recently filed a case against Myanmar with the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for committing

  • In fear of train wreck

    The recent news surrounding the train accident is nothing short of horrifying. Even more so, if you are amongst those who tend to commute regularly on trains.

  • Everything for riders, nothing for drivers?

    Ever since ridesharing services came to Dhaka, it has gained steady momentum over time. Why wouldn’t it?

  • Sundarbans to the rescue again

    Recognised as the largest mangrove forest in the world and home to a diverse wildlife, the Sundarbans holds numerous benefits for our ecosystem.

  • Save Dhaka from air pollution

    With the advent of winter, smog has started to engulf the sky of Dhaka.