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  • Ensure safety of home-bound people

    Eid, one of the biggest festivals for Muslims, drives countless Dhaka-dwellers to rush to their hometowns. People from all walks of life want to spend Eid with their loved ones back home.

  • Chaos in the jute sector

    It is with great discomfort that we are witnessing the indefinite strike enforced by the state-run jute mill workers, which is causing

  • Public transport becoming increasingly unsafe for women

    The recent incident of gang-rape and murder of Shahinoor Akter Tania—a nurse at Ibne Sina Hospital’s Kalyanpur branch—on a moving bus is just a tragic reminder of how unsafe our public transports are for female travellers.

  • Saving environment is saving life

    We have this strange mentality that drives us to destroy things first and then scramble to rebuild them. This applies to almost everything of worth ranging from towns and cities built over centuries to precious natural resources like rivers and forests. When it comes to nature, we have a habit of thinking that we can get away with causing harm to it. But as they say, “every action has an equal and opposite reaction.”

  • Every day should be Mother’s Day

    Mother’s Day is celebrated in many countries of the world, including in Bangladesh, on May 13. In the US it is celebrated on the second

  • Need for student counselling centres in schools

    After family, school plays the most important role in the process of a child’s socialisation. After receiving basic education in primary schools, when students enter secondary schools in their adolescent years, they go through many physical and mental changes. During this period, controlling emotions become a big issue for them.

  • Minimising income inequality

    There is no denying that Bangladesh has achieved remarkable economic progress. It has begun its graduation process from the Least Developed Country (LDC) group and is set to become a middle-income economy by 2021.

  • Effects of climate change on river erosion

    Bangladesh is one of the countries most vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

  • Protecting our biodiversity

    Bangladesh is a country where various flora and fauna used to thrive. But in recent years, due to excessive population growth, poaching,

  • Ensuring safety for women and children

    Despite Bangladesh progressing in various sectors, it is failing to provide adequate security for women. Whenever we open our newspapers or scroll through our newsfeeds on social media, we see the brutal severity of the situation. There is a new name every

  • Merging mobile phone operators

    The proposed merger of two telecom companies has worried the subscribers as monopoly may increase the expenditure of the users

  • Increase job entry age limit

    The job-seekers in the country have long been demanding an increase in the age limit of entry to government jobs to 35 years.

  • When one person steps up, others follow

    Sometimes it can be quite bothersome to walk around with an empty bottle or a packet. This is why we see so many people throwing

  • Are we losing faith in our doctors?

    India issues a large number of medical visas to Bangladeshi patients every year, thanks to the country’s failing health system.

  • Prevent fruit adulteration

    The summer in our country has been lovingly dubbed “the season of fruits”—and with good reason. Most of the succulent fruits are

  • Including the transgender community

    The transgender community in Bangladesh has finally earned full voting rights. This means that from now on, they would be able to

  • Ensuring peace and religious harmony

    Religious extremism has become a global issue in our times. Bangladesh too has not been immune to such a global problem and has, time and again, fallen victim to it. Our government, however, is not doing enough to fight the threat of militancy and communal violence,

  • Miseries of our expatriate workers

    The Daily Star has recently published a report titled “Saudi crash kills 10 Bangladeshis”. This is really unfortunate news and our hearts go out for the bereaved families of those victims.

  • Fani: the wrath of nature

    As we sit in our warm, cosy abodes, thinking about some hot beverage that would go perfectly with the weather, the coastal regions of Bangladesh are grappling with Fani, one of the most colossal cyclonic storms to have been brewed in the Bay of Bengal. So far, it has claimed 14 lives from our very own land.

  • Chawkbazar Fire tragedy

    From Neemtoli to Chawkbazar

    As we watched the events of Neemtoli and Chawkbazar unfold in front of our eyes, it seems nothing has changed aswe move on with our lives. There are numerous factories and warehouses in almost every building in Old Dhaka.

  • Stop plastic pollution

    Continued use of polythene and other plastic products is affecting the environment all over the world. Marine life is one of the most

  • Journo Mahfuz Ullah

    Goodbye, Mahfuz Ullah

    We are saddened to hear that senior journalist Mr Mahfuz Ullah has passed away. He breathed his last in a hospital in Thailand on Saturday (April 27, 2019) morning at the age of 69.

  • Increasing house rent in Dhaka: Who will address it?

    With only about twenty to twenty-five percent people having their own houses, Dhaka is inhabited by over 20 million people.

  • Check price hike during Ramadan

    Every year, the price of daily commodities goes beyond the reach of common people whenever Ramadan comes around.

  • Rainy season in Dhaka: A nightmare to come

    While we are gradually moving towards being recognised as a developing country, the condition of Dhaka city during the rainy season does not make a cogent case to prove it.

  • Time to improve our zoos

    Zoos across South and South East Asia are in need of a complete paradigm shift. Rather than be exhibitions only, they need to become

  • Take the water crisis seriously

    The recent report about the contamination of drinking water in Dhaka is extremely concerning. There have been similar reports of

  • Erosion of morals

    A good character is the most important thing in life. According to John Ruskin, losing money or health is no loss at all when compared to the loss of one’s character.

  • Rescue street children

    The sight of children begging and sleeping on the streets is truly heartbreaking. We cannot even begin to imagine their plight. They live

  • Worsening air pollution

    Dhaka’s air quality is deteriorating day by day. Dhaka was recently ranked as the second most polluted city as per the Air Quality Index.