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  • For a fair DUCSU election

    The Daily Star has recently published an editorial titled “Make DUCSU centre of all campus activities.”

  • What role should universities play?

    The Daily Star had published an op-ed titled “Why are university graduated failing to meet market needs?” written by Khalid Hasan on January 14.

  • Brexit chaos

    Amidst the chaos surrounding the UK's departure from the European Union—a process dubbed as Brexit—the person I feel most sorry for

  • Rohingyas belong to their homeland

    The governments of Myanmar and Bangladesh seem to agree that forcibly displaced people from the Rakhine State of Myanmar, who are currently sheltered in refugee camps in Bangladesh, have to return to the land of origin sooner or later.

  • The dangers of obesity in Bangladesh

    Obesity is rising in Bangladesh, as indicated by several regional and international reports.

  • Trump: the emblem of illiberalism

    US President Donald Trump is particularly obsessed about the wall that he vowed to build along the country's border with Mexico. He proposes that establishing a wall will keep

  • Extrajudicial killing at its highest ever

    According to human rights group Ain O Salish Kendra, last year witnessed the highest number of extrajudicial killings recorded in our country's history. Other serious human rights abuses such as enforced disappearances also continued throughout 2018.

  • Number of taxpayers needs to be increased

    The Daily Star carried a news report on January 8 titled “New finance minister sets sights on boosting revenue.” The goal set by the new

  • Parliament taken over by businessmen

    Levitksy and Ziblatt, professor of politics at Harvard University, commented how a businessman, Donald Trump, took over the presidentship of the United States of American which is a concerning sign of authoritarianism. However, the fact of the matter is that this has now become a worldwide phenomenon. And Bangladesh is also experiencing the same situation.

  • A moment of introspection

    It was early in the morning. I was in a bit of a rush to catch my university-bound bus. I suddenly noticed a man, likely in his mid-

  • Free footpaths from hawkers

    Most of the roads of Dhaka city were hawker-free for some days in the run up to—and in the aftermath of—the election. But now it's back to square one. Once again, hawkers have occupied sidewalks in numerous areas of the city. While the authorities have repeatedly conducted eviction moves, they haven't been successful. It is

  • Dhaka's unbearable air pollution

    With the arrival of winter, the level of air pollution has sharply risen in Dhaka city. The city has been engulfed with toxic air, smog and dust, causing severe discomfort for people and increasing chances of various forms of illnesses.

  • We need a pluralistic society

    It is said that violence is part and parcel of the sub-continental politics. Numerous historical events over hundreds of years in this region

  • Remove election posters and banners

    Even though social media is said to have played an important role in influencing voters in this election, politicians still used many

  • An election that failed to fulfil expectations

    On December 30, 2018 I was peacefully able to exercise my right to vote early on the day. However, everything started to go wrong after that.

  • Demand justice for rape victims

    Setting the credibility and transparency issues of the recent elections aside, one incident that occurred in relation to it which is completely unacceptable was the rape of a woman who is also the mother of four children.

  • Don't smoke in public

    Everyone is well aware of the fact that smoking is seriously detrimental to one's health. As per the instruction of the World Health Organisation, the government has made it mandatory for all cigarette manufacturers to tag the warning sign which says that “smoking is detrimental to health” on cigarette packets.

  • Encourage blood donation

    Every time a celebrity posts a picture of winning some award or a romantic photo, everyone seems to go crazy about it. People share such posts numerous times.

  • Improving cab and auto-rickshaw service

    The regular refusal by cab and CNG-run auto-rickshaw drivers to drop customers off at their desired destination and to charge them appropriately and according to the taximeter has been a serious issue in most cities across Bangladesh.

  • Everybody deserves an equal chance

    Getting a government job involves a good amount of effort but no matter one's educational background, they can be called for interviews. In this case, not getting a job can be attributed to a dearth of knowledge and sagacity.

  • Set realistic goals for the New Year

    A new year comes with the hope of new beginnings. As several studies suggest, more than 60 percent of people fail to go through with their New Year's resolution in the first month,

  • Have people of Bangladesh won?

    The Awami League government has managed the election well in their favour. It was clear yesterday that the election was controlled as there was hardly any presence

  • People want a credible election

    Voting day is finally here and the 11th parliamentary election is being held today under a partisan government. The people want nothing

  • Improving the Shahbagh footbridges

    Like many other roads in the capital, the Shahbagh road has three footbridges. They are particularly important because two of the largest hospitals of our country, the National Museum, Independence Museum, Shishu Park and many other important institutions are located near its junction.

  • Political parties should live up to their promises

    While the country's population has become divided across the broader political spectrum, there are many who are not committed to supporting any particular political party. These people should not be taken for granted. To them, what matters most are the manifestos of political parties—the promises that they make to the people.

  • Why limit campaign spending illogically?

    The Election Commission has set the highest limit of spending in election campaigning for candidates to Tk 25 lakh. This is an impractical policy. In several constituencies, the number of voters is more than 5-6 lakh. So, a candidate is supposed to spend Tk 4-5 for each voter.

  • Why is the number of observers so low?

    With the elections scheduled to be held on December 30, the role of election observers is at the centre of discussions.

  • Anarchy in the public bus services

    Although bus is the leading mode of public transport in Dhaka city, the condition in which the buses ply the city's roads is appalling. It has become difficult for the commuters to

  • How public hospitals can better serve the people

    Medical professionals in Bangladesh command considerable respect from people. However, the health sector is increasingly becoming a private affair. Doctors' fees and the cost of treatment have become very expensive for ordinary people.

  • US withdrawal from Syria will be consequential

    US President Donald Trump has announced that the country will withdraw its troops from Syria. While there are only US 2,000 troops