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  • Ensure road safety

    Last week, a student of Titumir College named Rajib Hossain died in hospital after being injured in a road accident about two weeks

  • Reckless motorcycle driving

    The Daily Star published a photo captioned “Warning not working” on its front page on April 19. The photo depicts a reckless motorcycle

  • Respect PM's decision to repeal quota system

    The government's announcement to abolish the quota system in the public job sector came as a pleasant surprise to the students and job seekers. After the announcement, demonstrators demanding quota reforms postponed their protests. However, many protesters and leaders of the movement were subsequently harassed. Some people have been trying to discredit the entire movement by falsely labelling its leaders Jamaat-Shibir cadres.

  • Sundarbans under threat

    In the Sundarbans, the world's largest mangrove forest, the number of trees and animals is fast decreasing, according to multiple reports. A few days ago, a cargo vessel carrying about 775 tonnes of coal sank in the Sundarbans' Pasur River. This may result in a reduced level of pH in the nearby water and could severely harm aquatic creatures.

  • Curbing violence against women

    Syed Saad Andaleeb in his piece “Violence against women: Whither law enforcers?”, published by this paper recently, talked about how

  • Stop cyberbullying

    Bullying is an outcome of aggressive behaviour and power imbalance among people. The psychology behind bullying is to gain a feeling

  • Women students thrown out of Sufia Kamal Hall

    The news that some female students were ousted from Dhaka University's Sufia Kamal Hall around midnight came as a shock to me. According to the news reports, the authorities first denied that it had ever

  • All harassment of protesters should stop

    After the prime minister announced the scrapping of the quota system in the public service recruitment process, protesters called off their movement but were still harassed by the ruling party's student wing and law enforcers. Student leaders of different hall units and institutions are also reportedly threatening those who protested, which is totally unacceptable.

  • Ensure quality healthcare for all

    Bangladesh's understaffed and underfunded public hospitals always deal with a huge number of patients, exceeding their capacity. As a result, many are forced to go to private clinics or hospitals, which are very

  • Bangladesh cricket team needs a full-time coach

    After performing brilliantly for the last five years, Bangladesh has become a formidable team in the cricketing world. The overall revenue of the board has skyrocketed. Yet, the team does not have a full-time coach right now.

  • Tribute to Firoz Mia, a rickshaw puller

    The Daily Star on April 14 reported that a rickshaw puller named Firoz Mia set an example of honesty by handing over Tk 1 Lakh, which he found on the road, to the authorities concerned.

  • DSCC's cleaning campaign

    We thank Dhaka South City Corporation for their inspirational cleaning campaign to raise awareness about the importance of keeping the city clean. Through this symbolic event, intended to create a Guinness world record, a large number of people could be brought together to participate.

  • Who turned the anti-quota protest violent?

    A Bangla daily reported that a student of Dhaka University, Ashiqur Rahman, was shot in the chest while participating in the recently

  • Myanmar's failed PR effort

    The Myanmar authorities announced on Sunday that they had repatriated the first Rohingya family from Bangladesh. As reported by

  • Dhaka needs another cattle market

    There is only one cattle market in the entire city of Dhaka. It's situated in its northern part. But one cattle market is hardly enough for a city of nearly 20 million residents. There should be at least another cattle market in the southern part of the city.

  • SAARC on the wane

    SAARC, the inter-governmental organisation for the South Asian states, is undergoing a troubling time. The association hasn't lived up to the expectations. But never before has it been as irrelevant as it is now. The last summit of SAARC was held four years ago in 2014 in Kathmandu, Nepal. The 2016 Summit was scheduled to be held in Islamabad but it was called off following a terror attack on an Indian Army camp in Uri, leaving 19 army personnel dead.

  • Plight of private university teachers

    The University Grants Commission (UGC) is hardly concerned about the working environment, salary scheme and workload of the

  • Release detained quota protesters

    The protests by university students demanding reforms in the quota system in public service recruitment came to an end after the prime

  • Unity among people, a recipe for success

    On April 9, The Daily Star published a report titled “People's initiative to save village.” The report was based on an inspiring story involving people from a village in Hijla Upazilla, who took it upon themselves to protect their village from river erosion after having become fed up with the government's inaction.

  • Quota reform protest ends on a high note

    The government, reluctantly, responded with a positive decision to the demands of students regarding the quota system. Although students only asked for reforming the system, the government decided to abolish it altogether. Nonetheless, the prime minister also assured there will be special provisions for certain sections of our society.

  • Exemplary punishment for rapists

    As a father, I am anxious about my daughter's safety. It seems the country has turned into a safe haven for rapists. Hardly a day goes by without a story of someone being raped somewhere in the country. Women are not safe anywhere, not even within the four walls of their homes. What terrifies me most is that even a female child of 5-6 years of age is not safe.

  • Insurance sector in Bangladesh

    Bangladesh's insurance sector has not flourished remarkably in comparison to the developed world. Citizens in the developed world insure most of their properties and assets. They do it on their own initiative, because they are aware of the possibility of risks around them.

  • Reform the quota system now!

    The government should understand that the nation cannot move forward with an unjust system. A large section of students has raised their voice against the current quota system making it clear that they feel it is unfair. Simultaneously, it should be remembered that it is also inconsistent with our constitution.

  • Better bus service means less traffic congestion

    To contain the daily chaos in our public transportation system, there really is no alternative to BRTC buses gradually taking over all the bus routes in Dhaka. It may also necessitate the restriction of inter-district buses from entering Dhaka.

  • Consider demands of quota protesters

    The fact that the government has responded heavy-handedly to the legitimate protests by the students should be condemned. A large number of students have for so long protested what they consider an unfair quota system in the public recruitment sector. Instead of hearing their demands, the government has tried to simply ignore the issue.

  • The prospect of 'Sonali Bag'

    The Daily Star on April 8 ran a report titled “Forget polythene.” The report stated that a group of Bangladeshi researchers invented an environment-friendly alternative to polythene bag. That's certainly big news. Sonali Bag is biodegradable, yet air and water resistant. The lead scientist of the project, Dr Mubarak Ahmed Khan, deserves our kudos for having invented a much-needed solution to the polythene scourge.

  • Easing the plight of elderly pensioners

    I recently read the letter titled “The plight of elderly pensioners” written by Wahidul Islam Akand which was published in your esteemed daily on March 31. As an elderly pensioner myself, I fully subscribe to the views expressed therein.

  • Stars' fall from grace

    Being Human is a charity organisation run by Salman Khan, a Bollywood film star. He has invested money, time and effort into it. To his

  • Make Dhaka a liveable city

    Dhaka is not only the capital city of the country but also an important part of our history, politics, art, culture and literature.

  • Reduce tobacco production

    Bangladesh has only 0.043 hectare cultivable land per capita, which is quite insufficient to ensure food and nutrition security for its population. The country is often battered by environmental hazards. These problems are likely to intensify in future. In such a country, tobacco is being cultivated on large sections of high-quality land, which is absurd.