Letters to the Editor | The Daily Star
  • Recognising the importance of consumer rights

    Although there are lots of organisations working for human rights in Bangladesh, there are barely any consumer rights groups other than Consumers Association of Bangladesh. But we must remember that consumer rights are an integral part of human rights.

  • Risks of e-waste for health and environment

    The rapid expansion of technology means that a large amount of e-waste is being created every minute. Although e-waste has the potential to become a big business, it also poses a threat to public health and environment if not managed properly.

  • Will we ever see an end to traffic congestion?

    Commuting in Dhaka is becoming more and more difficult. While the number of cars on the roads is increasing every year, the number of roads has remained pretty much the same.

  • Australia needs to take Christchurch attack seriously

    I express my deepest condolences to the victims of the terrorist attacks in the two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. I am a

  • Green marketing

    Green, natural, environment friendly—all of these words started as a movement, but have now become gimmicks for marketers to pursue.

  • What effective parenting means

    Raising a child is indeed a challenging task for most parents. Good parenting means creating an appropriate environment that helps children learn to be responsible for their own attitude, behaviour and action throughout their lives.

  • Appreciating the role of care-givers

    I read with keen interest Rifat Mursalin's article titled “Appreciating women who don't work (for pay)” published in The Daily Star on March 10.

  • Unfair Ducsu election

    It is very unfortunate that contestants from most student wings boycotted the March 11 Ducsu election over allegations of massive irregularities and they also demanded fresh polls.

  • “Ageing global societies”: Some thoughts

    I read with great interest the above-mentioned opinion piece published in this daily on March 10. It touched on a critical demographic

  • We want a free, fair Ducsu election

    We are very happy that the Ducsu election is going to be held today after 28 years. The last election to Ducsu was held in 1991.

  • Keep it up, Nobel

    Mainul Ahsan Nobel from Bangladesh is participating in the famed Indian musical show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa.

  • For a fair DUCSU election

    I read the article titled “DUCSU elections 2019: Let's not play with the students” published in Star Weekend of The Daily Star on March 1.

  • Keep our footpaths clean

    The other day, while passing the Nabisco intersection, Tejgaon, I noticed that garment waste and other garbage were dumped on the

  • Bangabandhu's fiery speech

    “Ebarer sangram amader muktir sangram, ebarer sangram swadhinatar sangram” (This struggle is for emancipation, this struggle is for independence) – Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

  • Freedom and the need for introspection

    “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” This quote of John F Kennedy reflects the emotions of this month—March.

  • Standardising gas cylinders

    Although gas cylinders are not yet standardised, they are being carried by vehicles and used all across the country.

  • National Voters' Day?

    Just as voter awareness is vital for fair polls, similarly, fair poll is vital for voter awareness. People are still in a state of stupor after what

  • “No, Chawkbazar fire won't be our 'wakeup call'”

    I congratulate Nahela Nowshin for writing such an excellent article published in your daily on February 23. The fire in Chawkbazar has

  • Start from the family

    Family is the best social platform through which any initiative for gender equality could be properly addressed.

  • Preventing another Chawkbazar tragedy

    The crackdown against illegal chemical and plastic factories and warehouses has finally begun, which is a laudable move by the government.

  • Making the most of US-China trade war

    The United States' trade war with China, started on the basis of intellectual property rights violation and the repeated devaluation of the

  • Stop tobacco farming

    I had recently travelled over the Kushtia-Meherpur highway. On the land adjacent to the highway, I could not see anything being grown except for tobacco.

  • For a fair Ducsu election

    We, the students of DU, want a free and fair Ducsu election, which is going to be held on March 11, after 28 long years. All the residential and non-residential students should be able to freely attend the election campaigns without being threatened and vote for the candidates of their choice.

  • Preventing manmade disasters

    I'm sure we will soon forget about the Chawkbazar tragedy just like we quickly forgot about the Nimtoli inferno, especially as the media covers one sensational story after the other such as the

  • Leaders at the workplace as role models

    When leaders in a workplace encourage honest behaviour and treat all employees equally, workers are more likely to be honest.

  • Four simple rules for alleviating traffic congestion

    I think alleviating (not solving) Dhaka's traffic congestion requires four enforcement rules. First, the left lane must be kept free for

  • Prevent the possible extinction of Bengal tigers

    According to a report citing a study titled “Combined effects of climate change and sea-level rise project dramatic habitat loss of the globally endangered Bengal tiger in the Bangladesh

  • Accumulating wealth cannot be the goal of life

    The issue of wealth accumulation by a handful of people has gained traction all over the world. I would like to bring up the three final wishes made by Alexander the Great, the famous ancient Greek king, at his deathbed.

  • (Not) taking lessons from catastrophes

    At least 67 lives have been lost in the devastating inferno in Chawkbazar. The tragedy occurred due to a gas cylinder burst but spread swiftly because the area was full of inflammable materials and chemicals.

  • For better healthcare

    Advancing community health is central to achieving the SDGs and universal primary healthcare. The foundations of community health