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“All Citizens are Equal before Law and are Entitled to Equal Protection of Law”-Article 27 of the Constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Issue No: 239
May 27, 2006

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Facts & figures

Death Penalty

  • By 2005, 122 countries had abolished the death penalty in law or in practice
  • In 1977, the year when the USA resumed the use of the death penalty and AI convened a groundbreaking International Conference on the Death Penalty, only 16 countries were abolitionist.
  • 1…. Country known to AI that still executed juvenile offenders in 2005.


  • In 2005, the US Administration acknowledged the use of "renditions". Rendition is the practice of transporting persons forcibly and without due process from one country to another where they risk being interrogated under torture or ill-treatment. Renditions are illegal under international treaties to which all European governments are party.
  • 2005... year in which evidence was made public of involvement of European governments in US-led renditions.
  • 1000... approximate number of secret flights directly linked to the CIA that used European airspace between 2001 and 2005, some of which may have carried prisoners.
  • 100s... estimated number of persons who may have been subject to renditions around the world.
  • 6... number of European countries implicated in the rendition of 14 individuals to countries where they were tortured.
  • 1... number of European countries that has issued arrest warrants for CIA agents suspected of kidnapping prisoners for rendition.


  • Governments championed human rights on the one hand, and undermined them on the other.


  • 141… countries party to the UN Convention against torture and other ill-treatment.
  • 104… countries out of the 150 countries in AI's 2006 report that have tortured or ill-treated people.
  • Paralysis Of The International Community
  • The conflict in Darfur has been described as staggering in scale and harrowing in nature. Urgent action is needed by the United Nations and the African Union to protect civilians in Darfur.

Armed Conflict

  • 2.2 million… number of refugees and people displaced by the conflict.
  • 285,000… estimated number of deaths from starvation, disease and killings in Darfur since 2003.
  • 7,000… number of African Union monitors deployed in Darfur.
    13… number of UN Security Council resolutions adopted on Darfur.
    Zero… number of United Nations peacekeepers deployed in Darfur.

Failed promises

  • At the Millennium Summit in 2000, the world's leaders set clear targets to solve some of the most vexing global social problems. But, they failed to turn their promises into performance.
  • Governments promised to achieve universal primary education by 2015.
  • 100 million+… number of children who remain out of school.
  • 300,000… estimated number of child soldiers.
  • 46%… number of girls in the world's poorest countries with no access to primary education.

Source: Amnesty International.


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