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IRESH ZAKER <br>Most Eligible Bachelor on TV

Most Eligible Bachelor on TV

Let us talk about your acting career. How did you start acting after coming back to Dhaka?
It was a coincidental beginning for me. At first I was used to do voice acting on the radio. I voiced over few characters in the cartoon Sisimpur. Simultaneously, I was voicing over few advertisements and documentary. One day, suddenly, Ratan Paul came to me with the proposal of acting and I thought it could be great. Later on, I started work on television.
Initially, how was your feeling about acting?
The fact is I always loved acting. My family grooming helped me a lot in expressing my characters and overcoming the initial nervousness that people feel at the beginning. I would say I did not feel nervous due to my family attachment with the camera and acting from early life. Our family does not pressurize us on anything but I remember that I was having a discussion with my father in 2006. He told me that nobody would cast me in the dramas with the figure and shape I had at that time. I didn't feel sorry or upset. I rather accepted the fact and consoled myself that nobody can be perfect. I thought, by the end of the day, the acting is more important than body appearance. I started my acting in September 2006. I was almost 30 years of age but I grew the concept that it is never late to start something new.
What is your perception about the present condition of our media?
It is very true that the quality of our television programs is falling. The television channels are more interested in making productions rather than maintaining quality. They even do not look for good stories and plots; they just see the actors/ actress' name. Therefore, you cannot work in a media for long time which is failing its audience. One cannot be very passionate in this kind of media for long. I am going off from television production and am concentrating on movies. I think movies need some kind of involvement and seriousness. I still miss acting in the stage on stage.
What can be done to improve the condition of our media?
The problem is the people working in our television channels, not media people in general. There is a lack of proper planning about entertainment products. Low budget is another problem in our country; people often spend money in the equipment but not on the production. I often say to the television channels that making entertainment product is not entertainment rather it is very serious and needs proper planning.
What is your plan about marriage?
I do want to get married, and am planning. I think I am getting to the point where I know sooner or later I will get married. But as I said earlier, I started enjoying my life very recently. I would like to enjoy this life for a little longer. I cannot really explain why I couldn't make a decision for marriage until now.
So, Iresh, tell me, why is it that you still cannot choose a life partner?
It is not that I cannot choose. I started my current life very late. I led a very different type of life before, standard I would say, outside the country where I completed my masters in Economics and joined a company as a management consultant. I used to have a very routine life there and could not manage time for anything else. After coming back to Dhaka, I found that what other people start at the age of 20, I started at the age of 30. Normally, things like cycling, photography and trekking came very late to my life. Besides, I think I am in the middle of my career and I need to work much to develop it. Therefore, the idea of marriage did not really cross my mind. In other words, I did not really feel the urge.
What are the common attributes that you expect in your life partner?
Nothing specific really, but I expect that she will have a fair sense of intelligence and humor. This is more important than anything else. There should be passion for anything special in her life that will help her lead her life smoothly. I think any random attributes might attract me like her sweet smile or beautiful eyes. I don't care much about looks but she should be physically attractive. But that is not very serious issue that concerns me.
Iresh, lov`t the same time, which are parts of life. The only lesson that one can learn from previous affairs is to be a better person. I remember that I was jealous regarding relationships when I was younger. A few of my relationships ended very badly due to this jealousy. I changed automatically later on as I grew, and consciously or subconsciously I was feeling less jealous. I learned that you cannot give happiness to your partner without providing them with a level of freedom. I think no relation survives if you cannot trust your partner.
So, how long do you think you'll still be a bachelor?
Hah! Maybe not long! I think I'm finally at a point in my life where I am both mature enough to settle down and ready to, and I think I have finally found the right person. Although I am not revealing who it is at this moment, we will soon make the news official.

Interviewed by Rafi Hossain
Narrated by Mohammad Zahidul Islam

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