Tribute / Rizia Rahman’s devotion to art

Beginning its journey after 1947, Bangladeshi literature created a different wave in Bangla literature—Rizia Rahman was one of the

Toni Morrison, author of many voices

When I think of Toni Morrison’s oeuvre, the word ‘geod’ comes to mind. A composite whole—each novel, each essay tightly knitted, contained by the solidity and confidence of its author’s direction of ideas. You think you know what to expect, given the ubiquity of its

To An Aurora Smile

You wrote this on the first page of a notebook I got as a second prize for winning a music competition. It took me 15 years to finally comprehend what you meant, ironically, at the time of your passing.

The life and work of Simeen Mahmud

The life of a researcher often goes unnoticed. But for Simeen Mahmud, who passed away a year ago this month, her contemporaries and colleagues in the world of development academia in Bangladesh and worldwide, speak volumes of her work and about her as a person.

tribute / Mrinal Sen & his “Post-Mortem” of the Postcolonial Bengali Middle-Class

I first watched Mrinal Sen's Interview (1971) during my undergrad years in an attempt to watch as many “intellectual” films from the campus library as I could.

Brother Ronald Drahozal: An appreciation

Brother Ronald, or just Brother as he was popularly known, was born to Frank and Mary Drahozal in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in 1937. How this “corn country” farm boy made his way to this part of the world is a story that is intriguing and a compelling testimony to his dedication, compassion, and spirituality.


When you meet Ayub Bachchu off stage, it is easy enough to forget that he is a legendary rockstar. The signs are there, of course—in his all-black attire, the exclusive guitars that he fiddles with from time to time and the constant influx of different types of people hoping for an audience with the king of rock.

Tribute / The Last Letter

Ekattorer Janani' and freedom fighter Rama Chowdhury breathed her last after a long battle with illness on September 3.