Looking at 'Gujob' Hypothesis

Gujob, a word that has been repeatedly used by pro-government supporters online to lambast any critical view of the government, has made a sudden comeback this election period—after an official post by Facebook

In Case of Distress, Scream

I was at a park the other day with my friend Tom—who just so happens to be an adult like myself, which neither of us can be blamed for—and the area was infested with the verminous offspring of other adult humans.

ALMOST USEFUL LIFE HACKS / Love thy colleague, but not too much

Harvey Weinstein, powerful Hollywood producer and enthusiast of massages from women not wanting to give massages. Here's how and why not to be that guy.

humour / The life and times of a startup hopeful

It starts with a frenzied explanation of the brilliant idea you just had to your best friend and potential future business partner.

ALMOST USEFUL LIFE HACKS / How to get the right imperfect gift

When buying gifts: You buy what the other person wants. Or get something you can also use.

ALMOST USEFUL LIFE HACKS / Enemies of traffic safety: Fog lights and fancy wheels

When you get a good thing, you don’t let it go. Unless of course you instantly find a better thing. A better thing is almost always greater than a good thing. This is great advice when it comes to choosing fish at the frozen food section. A fresh fish is a good thing. A fish that smiles and waves at you is fresher, hence a better thing.

Humour / An Irish Monimul and the Sumaiya clause

In a move that seems to have garnered as much attention in Bangladesh as Neymar's record transfer to PSG and is the first of its kind, Bangladeshi cricketer Monimul Haqque has decided to apply for an Irish citizenship.

ALMOST USEFUL LIFE HACKS / 3 ways to beat anxiety (well, one that actually works)

Spiderman has a great way of dealing with anxiety. He tingles in the head. Then he shoots a web and engages in a fight full of snappy comebacks.

A lazy man's guide to walking in Dhaka city

Experts say walking is the first step to fitness. Get it?

Saved by the plastic. Really?

In this damp hell, our only refuge is in carrying plastic bags.

Bed-rest in the time of chikungunya

On the last day of Creation, God decided it would be a great idea to make a vile introduction into the thoroughly unprepared world of men, a bug so unfathomably useless in the ecosystem of life that its only role would be to spread chaos or, at best, mild irritation.

A non-boss level guide to surviving office meetings

Office meetings are dreaded activities especially for people who have nothing to do or too much to do.

Because Society *cough*Cares*cough*

Our society is one that really cares about its people. Through a series of questions that may at first seem a little daunting, society chooses to show its undying affection for all its members.

Zombie apocalypse and how to obtain a driving license in Bangladesh

There are two ways to get a driving license in Bangladesh. One involves roughly seven steps for most people.

If Bangladeshis were a spacefaring nation

As far as improbable ideas go, the thought of humans being a spacefaring race with the possibility of colonisation of other planets...