Animal Wellfare

Animal Wellfare

The passage of the Animal Welfare Bill 2019: Only the beginning

On July 7, I was in the auditorium of the Bangladesh national parliament house, holding my breath, squeezing my colleague’s hand, and bursting in excitement when the deputy Speaker took votes and passed the new bill. From the time the cabinet approved the draft

India’s first elephant hospital cheers animal activists

India’s first hospital for elephants, armed with facilities such as wireless digital X-Ray, thermal imaging, ultrasonography, tranquilization devices and quarantine facilities, not only comes as a respite to the elephants but is also attracting local and foreign tourists.

Animal Welfare Bill 2016 / A NEW VICTORY ON THE HORIZON

There was a time when animal rights activists like Rubaiya Ahmad, Founder, Obhoyaronno Animal Welfare Foundation, would go to file cases or fight against animal abusers, but in vain.

'Mega sharks' caught off coast of Western Australia

Two Esperance anglers have made international headlines after they reeled in two massive sharks off WA’s north over the New Year, reports Yahoo News.