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vaccine for cervical cancer

Vaccine could virtually eliminate cervical cancer

The rapid scale-up of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine could virtually eliminate cervical cancer in a handful of rich countries within three decades, and in most other nations by century's end, researchers says..

  • Tips for a comfortable flight

    Whether for business or pleasure, flying can be stressful. Making your flight on time, hoping you remembered to pack everything,

  • Finding good cookingo ils for 2019

    The health benefits of cooking oils can be a complicated subject. Some are better at lowering cholesterol while others might become ‘bad fats’ when exposed to high heat. Some are expensive, although their marketing strategies are very smart.

  • No value for routine vitamin D supplementation

    Enthusiasm for recommending vitamin D supplementation to prevent a wide range of skeletal and extra-skeletal disorders was diminished considerably by three publications in 2018.

  • First baby born via uterus transplant

    8,428 babies born on New Year's Day in Bangladesh

    Unicef yesterday said according to their estimations, as many as 8,428 babies would be born in Bangladesh on New Year's Day

  • Environmental impact on health

    The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines the environment in relation to health as “all the physical, chemical, and biological factors external to a person, and all the related behaviours”.

  • Preventing pneumonia in seniors

    Pneumonia is an infection that affects one or both lungs. The disease can range from mild to severe and can be fatal. It is typically

  • Thalassaemia: the silent genetic disorder

    It was Shifa’s (not an actual name) 18th birthday. She was trying to put on a bit darker makeup just to hide her pale and ailing skin. What an irony! The meaning of her name is ‘the healing’ — nevertheless; it has no effect on her at all! Shifa has a disease named thalassaemia.

  • Let’s Talk 'RLC' & 'Health Begins at Home’

    If you visit local hospitals or doctors’ clinics, you will see that there is a record rise of some illnesses like diabetes, heart diseases and

  • Weight maintenance after intentional weight loss

    Many people who lose weight intentionally struggle to maintain their lower weight. In the carbohydrate-insulin model of obesity, a high

  • best healthy diet tips

    Tips for a healthy diet this New Year

    Whatever your New Year’s resolution, a healthy and balanced diet will provide many benefits into 2019 and beyond. What we eat and drink can affect our body’s ability to fight infections, as well as how likely we are to develop health problems later in life, including obesity, heart disease, diabetes and different types of cancer.