• It's all Greek!

    As the year rolls into its final trimester and shorot makes way for hemonto to hopefully bring in cooler days, I bring to you recipes from a land far off, far removed from the deltaic flat lands of Bangladesh.

  • The Feast of Sacrifice

    The Feast of Sacrifice

    The Russians have a penchant for using meat to their fill, in soups, in porridges and cereals and mixed heartily with vegetables too.

  • Non-traditional platter for Shab-e-barat

    Peanuts are a very integral part of West African cuisine and along with the yams and cassava and okra that came out of this region, a lot of cuisine involves peanuts.

  • Shaaks on Baishakh

    As the strong winds sweep across the country, heralding the beginning of the season for kal-Baishakhis and the end of yet another ...

  • Soups, broths and stews

    Originating in the Sichuan province of China, the Dan Dan Noodle Soup is a sure way to get rid of those winter chills that seem to have grasped everyone this year.

  • Fish tales!

    Frozen or fresh, farm fish or coming straight from a river or the salty seas, fish is one of those ingredients we all have a place for in our kitchens.

  • Winter Bounty - Vegetables Galore!

    As winter chills set in and hot vapours rising from your bowl of soup are a welcome sight...

  • Go green, go coconutty

    As the year draws to an end, here are some fun mocktails you can serve during the many weddings, parties and social events coming up.

  • Spice up your life!

    “No man should die if he can afford cinnamon”… said someone in the 14th century! London dockyard workers were paid in cloves while the Roman soldiers were paid in salt, coining the term “a man worth his salt”.

  • Making the best of beef

    We approach that time of year when the age old Abrahmic custom of slaughtering a sacrificial animal means loads of meat and nothing but the smell of meat cooking and a table creaking with delicious food.