Genex Infosys buys G&R Technologies

Genex Infosys buys G&R Technologies

It plans to spend $15m on expansion

Genex Infosys Ltd, the largest call centre operator in Bangladesh, has acquired Green and Red Technologies (G&R), the country's leading online advertising marketplace, to diversify and grow into a major ICT company. 

The company has spent 'multi-million dollar' to buy G&R, a senior official of Genex told The Daily Star yesterday, without divulging the exact figure.

G&R has successfully served more than one billion ads on Bangla language websites since launching operations three years ago, and its ability is projected to grow bigger than Google's display network in Bangladesh this year.

It serves more than 20 million online banner ads per day across thousands of Bangla-language websites.

 “We are very excited to bring G&R into the Genex business groups," said Adnan Imam, managing director of Genex.

The British-Bangladeshi entrepreneur said G&R's engineering team has built big data products and its business development team has built partnerships with many leading local and international brands.

"We see a lot of synergy between our companies and we will continue to invest in building our combined businesses,” he said in a statement. 

Genex currently employs more than 1,200 people in Bangladesh to run its global BPO and IT operations. The company plans to invest more than $15 million in the next two years to expand business.

G&R will continue to operate as an independent brand within the Genex group and all existing employees will remain with the company, said Nash Islam, chief executive of G&R.


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