Garment makers in trouble

Garment makers in trouble

The apparel sector has been going through a difficult time for the ongoing political unrest. Factory owners are counting losses every day due to work order cancellations, discounts for shipment delays, expensive air shipment and transport fares, and vandalism. Owners run their factories below capacity and will soon face a production shortfall due to a dearth of raw materials. Also, retailers are cutting trips to factories and slashing orders. With all these bad things happening, sector people say they might not be able to reach the $50-billion export target by the end of 2021.




Is there anything we can do to help stop violence in Bangladesh? It is really becoming a problem for us and our factories. We really need the government to step in and stop the violence or it will impact deliveries, lead-time, costs, and even placing future orders.

A leading brand wrote to BGMEA

Unfortunately, a number of buyers have cancelled their trips recently due to the situation. Each cancelled trip is a lost opportunity to show these high-powered decision-makers what a great opportunity Bangladesh is.
The commercial officer of an embassy in Dhaka wrote to BGMEA


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রাজধানীর যেসব এলাকায় শনিবার গ্যাস সরবরাহ বন্ধ থাকবে

গ্যাস পাইপ লাইনের জরুরি প্রতিস্থাপন ও অপসারণ কাজের জন্য রাজধানীর বিভিন্ন এলাকায় শনিবার ৮ ঘণ্টা গ্যাস সংযোগ বন্ধ রাখবে তিতাস গ্যাস কর্তৃপক্ষ।