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Bangabandhu’s speech on March 7, 1971

In the afternoon of March 7, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman addressed a historic congregation of almost 10 lakh people at the then Race Course ground (now Suhrawardy Uddayan) in a key point of Bangladesh’s history. In his 20-minute speech, Bangabandhu announced: “Ebarer Shongram amader muktir shongram, Ebarer shongram, shadhinotar Shongram” (This war is a war for independence, this war is a war for Freedom).

As he walked on the stage, the confluence of people welcomed him with the slogans “Joy Bangla”. He urged everyone to “raise forts at every house, fight the enemy with what you have at hand”. He also said: “I don’t want the premiership of the country, all I want is the right of the people of this land. And if one fire is shot and if one my men is hurt and I am unable to give any directives, you fight. You fight the enemy with what you have at hand. Since we have already shed blood, we will shed even more blood, we will free the people of this country In’shaallah”.

The footage have been taken from Department of Films and Publications, Ministry of Information.

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