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A documentary on the liberation war of bangladesh in 1971

In the history of three thousand years of wars the second world war is the most terrible one.twenty million people were killed in this great war over five continents in five years,and people hundred times greater than this number suffered terribly. in the post second world war the suffering and killing that is considered most horrendous is the liberation war of bangladesh that took place in 1971.

The war continued for nine months and was confined to bangladesh of fifty six thousand square miles respect of time and place the loss incurred due to the war of 1971 is undoubtedly higher then any other war.

According to the official statistics,the pakistani occupation army and their local collaborators killed roughly three million unarmed innocent people.sexually harassed two hundred thousand women and forced ten million hapless people to desert the country.more than two million people were physically assaulted and ten of million were displaced inside the country.

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