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A view from the frontlines

A view from the frontlines

Saeeda Kamal on the Liberation War

Saeeda Kamal speaks with passion about the most important event in her life–the War of Liberation. “During the Liberation War, I was a third year student of Dacca Art College (now the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka). From the beginning of the war, my family was greatly inclined to help the Freedom Fighters in different ways. I was completely inspired by my mother, poet Sufia Kamal.
During the Liberation War in 1971, we made a plan to go to Comilla with the guidance of Mahmudur Rahman Benu (singer). We were 12 in the group, including Shahadat Chowdhury (editor of the defunct government-owned weekly Bichitra), Milia Ghani (a talented exponent of Tagore songs), Syed Alamgir (son of poet Sikandar Abu Jafar). We first reached Chandina, then crossed the border and stayed at Shonamora village.
After reaching there, we got to meet Fateh Ali Chowdhury (brother of Shahadat Chowdhury). He informed us that Dr. Akhter Ahmed, a physician of Army Medical Core, wanted to establish a hospital in the region. The hospital was founded in a forest bungalow. Khaled Mosharraf visited the hospital and encouraged us with his support and close observation. The hospital started with great zeal. We served the patients as nurses and stayed there from June to the end of the November 1971. We assisted wounded Freedom Fighters and injured villagers. After some days, Dalia Ahmed (elocutionist), Linu Billah (singer), Habibul Alam Bir Protik; and his two sisters Asma and Reshma joined us.

We fought for values and principles. The camp, where we worked, had insufficient food, clothes and medicine. We lived in a tent. However, all these never seemed as any obstacle or difficulties; patriotism and devotion to the country and its people always was our priority.
The younger generation is learning more about our Liberation War. We must encourage patriotism and knowledge about the values of our Liberation War. We must all work together to build our country.

This article was previously published on December 6, 2013


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