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Fahmida Nabi, born January 4, is the daughter of late singer Mahmud Un Nabi and the elder sister of singer Samina Chowdhury. Nabi's solo career started in 1979 and it has spanned over three decades now. Primarily, she sings classical and modern Bengali songs. She also sings Rabindra Sangeet and Nazrul Sangeet. On 15 January 1989, she released a solo album titled Tumi Tulona Hina, which featured 10 songs tuned by Naquib Khan. Starting from that, she has 12 solo albums so far. Her first duet album entitled Ek Mutho Gaan-1 was released in 2006 with Bappa Mazumder. Nabi and Mazumder's second studio album Ek Mutho Gaan-2 was released on the Valentine's Day in 2010. Nabi is one of the judges of Close-Up 1, a reality TV show in NTV (Bangladesh) from 2005 to 2013. She runs a voice modulation institution named Karigori since 2007 and works as voice grooming facilitator for the students of the institution. Nabi won the National Film Award as the Best Female Playback Singer in 2007 for her song “Lukochuri Lukochuri Golpo” in a Bengali Film named “Aha”. She also received the Channel i Performance Award in 2008 and Meril Prothom Alo Award in 2009. In 2013, she was crowned the Best Singer at the Channel i-Citycell Awards. Her upcoming album titled Amare Chuiya Chile, featuring 9 tracks, is to be released in 2014.

What is the definition of friendship to you?
I have asked this question to myself many times. I can't answer it in one simple word. It is about gradual trust. It is kind of a shelter to share thoughts. Again, the definition differs from age to age. At my age, the definition of friendship has changed a lot. To me, a connection between two brains is needed for friendship. I think this connection spreads through their hearts gradually. Early recently, I have met one of my best friends after twenty two years who lives abroad. Surprisingly, she is still the same person but there is something missing. Our lives have changed over the years. She came here with little time and we had fun. But I knew that I must leave her with some space. I realize that she still has the same heart but probably not the space.

You came out successful after struggling with the hurdles of life. Where does your strength come from?
I have learned to walk alone from my childhood. I think when people are at vulnerable situation, they learn to handle it. This power comes from within; everyone has this power. Some can realize this power within and some can't. Those who can't realize this are surrounded by people to carry them through hard times. Ironically, few people get none to help them. These few people learn to walk alone and it makes them stronger.

Didn't you wish to have a friend during your bad times, even during the good times?
Unfortunately, I never had that luxury. Even if I had, they weren't helpful enough. Hypothetically speaking, none of my five fingers are of the same size. If I imagine a sixth finger, it has always been me, walking alone. Interestingly, I often post on my Facebook that 'two and two makes five and people ask me why it was so. I think life is a twisted mathematic, an equation that doesn't make sense. Some equations match and some do not. It is because we are not alone. People around us influence our thought process. If a relationship is 'one and one makes two', there will always be someone else involved in your life making it one extra with the equation. This can be the case with any other equation of this sort.  

Usually people become frustrated when things go wrong and everything fall apart. How do you deal with this?
I am a very considerate person. I don't indulge myself into why it didn't work. I think even with partners who seem like a perfect match might not work all the times. That means, what I am seeing is just the outer reality; there is something inner, something within. There is no point trying to figure out why it didn't work. Actually, it is time that reveals the answer. If a friendship remains, I will let it remain that way. It has happened to me before I figured out why it didn't work and but I moved on. Now I realize that my experience can help others too. I am an artist and I am here not only for myself. I have the opportunity to help others. For me, the horizon of life is large and wide.

Has music been playing any part to carry you through your sense of understanding and walking though the highway of life?
Obviously, music is my first love and best friend. When my connection with music becomes stronger, I can relate myself to others. I relate everything in life with music. Mingling with the people around me, I realize that I should spread happiness to others. Directly speaking, I would like to remove the words 'I' and 'want' from “I want happiness” because 'want' requires demand. I just want happiness. I find the stories of Charlie Chaplin to be very inspiring when it comes to my unhappiness. I read and watch his work a lot. It inspires me to see him making the world laugh. Once Chaplin said, “I have a great relationship with my mirror. It never demands me to see me in a certain way or too be funny all the time”. Charlie knew it is not fun to see despair. He tried to spread happiness among others. Unlike him, I want share my happiness to the fullest among others.  I want to see everyone happy and jolly.   

Would you like to say something about your upcoming album?
Sure, my next album songs are all romantic piano-based Nazrul Sangeet. I believe it will entertain the young generation. I think romantic sense can reveal anything. Many of my fans requested me to include their favorite songs in the album. But with a 50 minutes length, it was very difficult to consider everyone's choice. The album songs are very soothing and the audience will like it. One may call it a drive-friendly album. To me, music is like a human being. It needs not be disturbed.
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Ek Mutho Gaan 1
Ek Mutho Gaan 2
Dupurer Ekla Pakhi (Solo)
Tumi Ki Shei Tumi (Solo)
Mone Ki Pore Na (Solo)
Carta Deyal Hothat Kheyal (Solo)
Shopno Golpo [7]
Akash o Shomudro [8]
Amar Bela Je Jae [9]
Music for Celebrating Life 1, 2, 3
Ami Akash Hobo
Tobu Brishti Chai (Solo)
Ay Bhalobasha (Mixed)
Icche Hoe (Solo)
Amare Chuiya Chile

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