Published on 08:30 PM, May 30, 2023

Pori Moni’s ‘Maa’ gets unique promotion in ‘Bokkor 2’

Photo: collected

While we might often see characters in TV and film engage with other media content, it's rarely done with content from the present. Sagar Jahan's upcoming Eid series, "Bokkor 2", will be featuring such a promotional method.

In a scene from the upcoming series, the characters were initially supposed to visit the theatre to watch an imaginary film.

However, Sagar Jahan instead decided to change the imaginary film to Pori Moni's recent release "Maa". Speaking about the decision to promote the film, Sagar said, "As a part of the entertainment industry, the duty falls upon me to uphold the works of my peers. While I was about to shoot a scene for my series, where the characters go to watch a film, I decided that they should go watch 'Maa', which has recently been released in theatres. This way we can support one another."

Known for his popular dramas "Arman Bhai" and "Sikandar Box", Sagar Jahan's "Bokkor" was released during Eid-ul-Fitr. After garnering a positive response from the audience, the director is now working on the second season of the comedy drama.

The series stars Marzuk Russell, Chashi Alam, and Nadia, amongst others.