Editorial | The Daily Star
  • Indigenous youth have a lot to offer

    It is disappointing that our major political parties have not really done much in terms of enhancing the participation of young people from indigenous communities in politic

  • No move to stem child casualties

    What many of us do not know is that after drowning, road accident is the second biggest killer of children in our country.

  • Justice elusive to victims of gender-based violence

    Although incidents of gender-based violence have increased over the years, there is hardly any improvement in terms of getting justice in the cases filed over these incidents.

  • Bourse regulators not doing their job

    The Daily Star has found that of the 310 listed companies that have floated shares in the country's stock market, only 131 firms are disclosing all the information they are required to do so as per rules of the corporate governance code.

  • Bangladesh Bank gold error

    BB paints a rosy picture

    Ironic is the word that comes to mind when we look at the report published recently by Bangladesh Bank (BB) titled “Role of Bangladesh Bank in the govt success for the last 10 years.”

  • More effective use of aid for Rohingya refugees

    With the plans for the immediate repatriation of Rohingya refugees deferred till 2019, Bangladesh and all the organisations working in Cox's Bazar need to come to some key decisions and a well-planned strategy.

  • EC failing to instil confidence of its neutrality

    Political and security experts on Saturday expressed their discontent with the Election Commission, saying that its performance so far was not satisfactory. The EC has been granted immense power by the constitution and the credibility of the upcoming parliamentary election, no doubt, depends considerably on the actions of the commission.

  • Ending violence against women must take priority

    The government and non-state actors like NGOs have been trying to combat the scourge of violence against women in Bangladesh for decades but such crimes continue to cast a shadow on our development.

  • Jhenidah's ghost of a station!

    It is a mystery how a brand new fire station in Maheshpur, Jhenidah, inaugurated in December last year, should be fully equipped in terms of infrastructure and machinery but devoid of the staff required for it to operate.

  • River-grabbing must stop

    The Daily Star yesterday revealed how a 158-acre area of Karnaphuli River in Chattogram was grabbed by individuals linked to the ruling party.