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  • Bangladesh Garment Workers Minimum Wage

    Women workers' safety in RMG factories

    The finding of a survey that 83 percent female garment workers have faced some form of sexual harassment in their workplace is shocking. The survey also found that many of the garment factories do not have any committee for lodging complaints of sexual harassment which is mandatory as per the direction of the High Court.

  • Disavowal is not the correct response

    Five hundred and forty-four is a horrendous number of people to have gone missing, reportedly, in the last eight years since 2008. Only a few of them have returned; unfortunately 300 of them remain unaccounted for. It is a very sorry state where relatives of victims of such patently criminal acts should find themselves between the devil and the deep sea.

  • Use of EVM

    Putting the cart before the horse

    The Election Commission's plan to use Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) in the next general election is surprising, given the very little time at hand to handle a logistical challenge of this scale.

  • Little progress on road safety

    As we take stock of measures taken after a month since the school students came out on to the roads demanding safer roads, there is nothing to write home about.

  • Killing people with impunity

    The chilling story of Rezaul Karim, the man allegedly pushed off a minibus by the helper and then squashed to death by the driver of the minibus he was riding, sends shivers down the spine! The incident occurred in City Gate area near the port city on August 28. Witnesses on the bus have stated that Karim had had an altercation with the helper and going by what his co-passengers have said, the manner in which the man was literally shoved out of the bus and run over is tantamount to murder.

  • Myanmar's military must be tried for genocide

    We thank the UN for exercising due diligence by issuing the strongest condemnation to date of the Myanmar military. We laud the UN fact-finding mission for holding the leadership of the Myanmar military responsible for the atrocities committed against the Rohingya population and for calling for investigation and prosecution of the security forces for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.

  • Prioritise wastewater treatment

    According to American non-profit organisation, Water.org, 4 million people lack access to safe water in Bangladesh, while 85 million lack improved sanitation. The organisation's Bangladesh page points out that “overcrowded conditions and a lack of healthy ways of disposing waste in urban centers” contribute to this scenario. A report in this paper last Monday, marking World Water Week, pointed out observations from researchers which should come as a warning.

  • Ban without enforcement is useless

    We do not understand why slow moving three-wheelers and illegally modified vehicles are still plying our highways despite several government and high court orders banning them from highways. According to our report, in the last six days, at least seven road accidents have taken place involving these vehicles, killing 40 people and injuring many others.

  • Bringing light to Jamuna's shoal

    For the people living on a Jamuna River shoal in Sirajganj, dusk meant darkness. Things have changed since 2017 when a local company clinched finance from the Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL) and set up a Tk 5.14 crore solar power mini-grid to supply the residents with electricity.

  • Roads and highways still anything but safe

    Despite the massive student protest for safe roads, followed by numerous assurances from the authorities that the government will strictly ensure road safety, the number of deaths and injuries on roads and highways during the Eid holidays indicates that nothing has, in fact, changed.