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  • Dhaka Metro Rail in Shewrapara, Mirpur, Dhaka

    Problems with mega projects

    In a recent statement, the country director of Asian Development Bank stressed the need to complete mega projects like the metro rail on time because, ultimately, it is the tax-payers who have to pay back the money taken as loan.

  • Drives in Old Dhaka Chemical Factories

    Drives in Old Dhaka must not stop

    The government crackdown on illegal chemical warehouses in Old Dhaka has already invited severe backlash and protests by local traders as drives against these establishments—prompted by the deadly Chawkbazar fire last month—have continued.

  • Unsung Women

    Saluting our unsung women heroes

    We are humbled and honoured to have co-hosted with IPDC Finance Limited an event yesterday that is unique in its spirit and message to the world.

  • Enforce the law on child labour

    Despite the law prohibiting the employment of children, many brick kiln owners across Cumilla's Chauddagram upazila employ minors to do hazardous work.

  • Free Old Dhaka from fire hazards

    The terrifying Chawkbazar fire that cut short the lives of around 70 people was a disaster waiting to happen.

  • Back from the brink

    With the return of the Indian pilot so soon after his capture—a gesture by Pakistan that was prudent, timely and diplomatic, and for which the Pakistani PM deserves credit—the heightened state of tension between the two countries has begun to de-escalate, for the time being at least.

  • Safety measures absent in most

    Prepare hospitals to tackle disaster situations

    The recent incident of fire at Suhrawardy hospital has once again exposed the fact that our hospitals are not at all prepared to handle any emergency and post-emergency situation such as fire or earthquake.

  • Lack of public confidence in the electoral system

    Absence of voters speaks volumes

    The extraordinarily low turn-out of voters during the Dhaka North City Corporation election speaks volumes about the general apathy that has developed in people regarding the electoral process.

  • water crisis remote bandarban

    Deprived of the right to water

    A report published in this daily on February 27 lays bare the miserable conditions that indigenous communities living in and around Jogendra Tangchangya Para of Bandarban's Alikadam upazila are grappling with.

  • Ensure quality education

    The World Bank recently unveiled a report titled “Learning to Realise Education's Promise” and in it we find that Bangladesh spends less than the South Asian average on education. Quality education remains a major concern and graduates from the schooling system are lacking in skills to read, write and do basic mathematics.