Editorial | The Daily Star
  • DNCC's plan to renovate playgrounds commendable

    The Dhaka North City Corporation's plan to refurbish 26 parks and playgrounds in its jurisdiction and include different facilities for children as well as the general public therein is praiseworthy.

  • A despicable injustice

    Arecent report by Prothom Alo describing how a raped woman in Sitakunda was framed in a false case of Yaba possession by unscrupulous police officials should shock even the most insensate mind.

  • Empower NRPC to take action against illegal river grabbers

    The High Court (HC) stated on January 31 that the merry-go-round over river grabbing and eviction must stop now.

  • Take every precaution to stop SSC question leaks

    As this year's Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and equivalent examinations start from today, the examinees as well as the guardians are still worried about the possibility of question leaks.

  • Loss of farmlands must end

    One would have thought that in such a densely populated country like Bangladesh, steps would have been taken by now to protect arable land so as to ensure food security.

  • Where is the opposition?

    The 11th parliament had its first session on Wednesday with an assurance by the prime minister that the opposition would not face hindrance in the performance of its role in the parliament and that it would be able to criticise the government freely.

  • Make road safety a priority issue

    According to a report by the road safety campaigning group Nirapad Sarak Chai, some 4,439 people were killed in road accidents last year.

  • When are we going to finally combat corruption?

    It is always the hope that a report such as the recently released Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) 2018, by Transparency International (TI), would be welcomed by our national institutions.

  • Plug the avenues of money laundering

    Global Financial Integrity (GFI) brought out a report recently that provides country-level estimates of the illicit flows of money into and out of 148 developing and emerging countries and is based on International Monetary Fund (IMF) data.

  • Abu Salek and Jaha Alam

    An innocent man languishing in jail!

    We are shocked to learn that an innocent man has been languishing in jail for the last three years in cases filed by the ACC while the real accused is roaming free.