Editorial | The Daily Star
  • A positive turn in the labour law

    The easing of trade union rules is a positive step that indicates the government's intention to improve working conditions of factory workers.

  • Unique drive against paperless buses

    It is not every day that we see this sort of effort on our lawless roads. A group of bus owners and transport workers took it upon themselves to check the papers of buses in the capital.

  • Lake encroachment using political clout

    A recent report by a leading Bangla daily highlighted how, over the course of the last 10 years, a 22-acre lake in Mirpur has been illegally encroached at the behest, reportedly, of some members of the ruling party—at the central, thana and ward levels.

  • Alarming decline in aid for Rohingyas

    In March of last year, the Inter Sector Coordination Group (ISCG) had launched a Joint Response Plan appealing for USD 951 million as humanitarian assistance for the Rohingya refugees.

  • TIB report merits cognisance

    It goes without saying that law enforcement agencies are an integral part of any modern state and an indispensable element of good governance. Thus its proper functioning, unfettered by politicisation or corruption, is crucial, since that defines the condition of the state as regards the level of individual and collective security, and of freedom as enshrined in the constitution, which consequently engenders public confidence in the state apparatus.

  • BNP's preconditions

    It is after a long time that the BNP has been able to organise a political rally without much let or hindrance, and what is a natural affair in the politics of a country elsewhere, becomes a matter for complimenting the administration, that being an exception rather than the common in Bangladesh.

  • Myanmar's 'True News' book is a lie

    We would have hoped that in this digital age, the Myanmar government would have thought twice before doctoring images taken from the Bangladesh genocide in 1971 and the migration of Rwandan Hutu refugees in 1996 and passing them off as evidence of “Bengalis who had killed local ethnic populace”.

  • Deaths from road accidents continue

    A few months back, Jatri Kalyan Samity found that at least 339 people were killed during Eid journeys between June 11 and 23. Soon after, we witnessed a massive student movement aimed at bringing reforms on the roads, sparked off by the deaths of two students.

  • Another victim of driver's disdain for life

    There is manslaughter and there is murder. The circumstances of deaths in the last few days caused by dangerous and reckless driving would certainly fall under the latter category. The roads have become even more dangerous as the statistics of road crashes and casualties therefrom will show.

  • Owners bankrupting private banks

    Bad loans in the 57 state-owned and private banks in operation, have piled up to the tune of Tk 84,054 crores.