War crimes: Charges accepted against 2 Mymensingh men

A war crimes tribunal today accepted charges against two Mymensingh men for their alleged involvement in genocide and crimes against humanity during 1971 war.

Taking five charges pressed against them into cognisance, International Crimes Tribunal-1 led by Justice Anwarul Haque fixed May 16 for passing next order in the case.

The accused Riaz Uddin Fakir, 65, son of Nayeb Ali Fakir of Bhalukjan village, is now in jail while Wajuddin, 70, son of Joynal Abedin of Bidyananda village under Phulbaria upazila, is on the run.

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Prosecution pressed the charges against the duo on March 23.

On February 18, the investigation agency said to have found evidence of war crimes committed by Riaz, Wajuddin and another man, Amjad Ali, who died during investigation. 


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