US to continue support to counter terrorism in Bangladesh

 The United States reiterated to continue its support to Bangladesh in its efforts to counter terrorism and violence in the country.

“We continue to stand with the Government of Bangladesh as they take a look at violent extremism across the spectrum,” said US state department Director Elizabeth Trudeau in a daily press briefing at Washington DC yesterday.

The attacks are carried out by a small group of terrorists seeking to create havoc and unrest in Bangladesh and target those who disagree with their beliefs, said the press release by the US Department of State quoting Trudeau. “We believe the government is working to address this problem. Our focus is on supporting their efforts to do so effectively while still respecting human rights.”

US is also troubled by the recent incidents of extremist killings, she said, adding, “We’re confident, however, that these attacks do not represent the views of and are rejected by the overwhelming majority of Bangladeshis.”