WATCH NOW: Students continue demo for medical admission retake

- Demo continues for 4th day

- Police foil demo at Press Club

- Demo at Shaheed Minar, Shahbagh

Students seeking retake of medical and dental college admission tests continue demonstration in Dhaka today.

They alleged question paper leak into the exams that were held last Friday and have been demanding a scrap to the tests.

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Driven away by police from near Jatiya Press Club earlier this morning, they took position at Central Shaheed Minar around 10:30am.

The students stage sit-in programme at Central Shaheed Minar premises in Dhaka Tuesday morning. Photo: Mokammel Haque Shuvo

They staged a sit-in programme there and moved to Shahbagh around 1:00pm. Police were in position nearby.

They ended demonstration near Public Library around 2:30pm. They said agitation will continue until their demands are met.

Students bring out a procession while going to Shahbagh from Central Shaheed Minar in Dhaka on Tuesday. Photo: Mokammel Haque Shuvo

These students said they would submit a memorandum to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to press for their demand.

Allegations were, the question papers were available by September 17 night, a day ahead of the tests. The results of medical and dental admission were published on Sunday.


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