Published on 12:00 AM, September 10, 2018

Roads pain for townsmen

Battered roads, delayed drain constructions cause sufferings in Tangail municipality

An under-construction drain at Kalibari road in Tangail municipality. PHOTO: STAR

Battered roads and slow pace of drain construction at different places in the municipality have been causing sufferings to the town dwellers.

The roads from Nirala Intersection to Dighulia, Park Bazar to Homeo College, Registry Para, Milkvita of New Bus Terminal to Deola Uttorpara and those in Kandila Bypass, Sabalia, Kodalia and College Para areas are in terrible condition.

Numerous potholes have developed on the roads and the situation worsens when rainwater fills the large potholes, making movement of small vehicles, especially rickshaws and three-wheelers, risky.

Repairing work of several roads was started recently and construction of drains besides the roads is also going on, hampering movement of pedestrians and vehicles.

Rafiqul Islam of Masjid Road area said road and drain construction works are going on in the area and they are facing problems due to the slow pace of the work.

Md Aslam of Registry Para area in the town said the condition of the roads in the area is awful and people, including students of the local educational institutions, suffer a lot while moving on the road. The roads get submerged when it rains, he added.

Repair work of 31 km of roads in the municipal area was started at the beginning of this year and about 60 percent of the work has been completed, Mayor Jamilur Rahman Miron said. 

About 50 percent of the construction of 18 km of drains has been completed, he said.

A total of Tk 66 crore is being spent to repair the roads and build the drains, he added.  

One hundred km of other roads in the municipal area are also in bad shape and 100 km more drains need to be built, the mayor said.

Acknowledging the sufferings of the municipality dwellers, the mayor said the repairing and construction works were delayed due to rain. 

Two more separate projects costing a total of Tk 54 crore were also taken up for repairing other roads in the municipal area, and the works will be started very soon, he said.

The mayor also expressed his hope that the sufferings of the people will be over by this year.