All torn down except AL offices

The tin-structured office of Dhaka Medical College Hospital unit of ruling Awami League that was left alone by police while tearing down makeshift stalls around the hospital on June 24, 2015. Photo: Rafiul Islam

Police tore down makeshift structures around Dhaka Medical College Hospital today, but did not scrape three political offices of ruling Awami League located there.

Police did not offer any explanation but assured that hose offices will also be removed.

Those tin-shed makeshift offices belonged to the Dhaka Medical College unit of Awami League, Swechhasebok League and Jubo League.

Shops around torn down, but three ruling party offices remain standing around DMCH on June 24, 2015. Photo: Rafiul Islam

Shahbagh police launched the eviction drive around the front gate of DMCH around 12:45pm. Police said it was a drive to free the adjacent roads for traffic during Ramadan.

Around 50 makeshift stalls of fruit vendors and tea sellers were torn down, our correspondent reports from the spot. But, those three offices were left untouched.

Photo: Rafiul Isalm

“Those three offices will also be removed,” Abu Bakar Siddique, officer-in-charge of Shahbagh Police Station told The Daily Star after being inquired about why they were left to be.

The Dhaka Medical College Hospital, adjacent to Dhaka University, is under Dhaka South City Corporation and its newly-elected Mayor Sayeed Khokon.


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