RMG Factories

More woman leaders needed

Speakers tell programme

Speakers at a programme yesterday demanded a higher number of women in managerial and supervisory levels in RMG factories, to help reduce harassment on female workers.

In Bangladesh, RMG workers are mostly women. So, they should be trained and motivated for higher positions in the factories, speakers also said.

They were addressing a programme titled “Gender Equality at Workplace: Success and Challenges of Career Advancement”, jointly organised by Care Bangladesh and UN Women, held in the capital's Westin hotel.

While reading the concept note, Humaira Aziz, director of women and girls empowerment programme of Care Bangladesh, said only two or three percent women are employed at supervisory levels. 

A recent research on female garment workers conducted by Shamima Pervin, an independent research and gender expert, revealed that the managements of RMG factories prefer men over women for operating new machines and they do not train women for such tasks.

A new app, “Shurakha”, to fight against sexual harassment was launched in the programme.

Shoko Ishikawa, country representative of UN Women Bangladesh, said females are actively participating to contribute towards the country's economy.

She said females in the sector need a decent work environment and their male counterparts should resist harassments in workplaces.

Mahmuda Sharmeen Benu, additional secretary of women and children affairs ministry, said awareness campaigns are needed to fight workplace harassments.

Syed Sultan Uddin Ahmed, executive director of Bangladesh Institute of Labour Studies (Bils), aslo spoke.


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