Volunteer for Bangladesh holds panel discussion on “Youth engagement in Media”

JAAGO Foundation’s youth wing Volunteer for Bangladesh (VBD) today held a panel discussion on “Youth Engagement in Media” marking the National Youth Assembly 2017.

The session was moderated by Md. Tajdin Hassan, head of marketing, The Daily Star.

Solaiman Shukhon, head of marketing, Aamra Network Limited, Gousul Alam Shaon, managing director, Grey Dhaka, and Ziauddin Adil, CEO of Top of Mind(BD) were the panelists of the session.

Mr. Shaon had said, “End result is what shows if a decision was right or wrong. Whatever JAAGO is doing now may not be evident to all but history will tell the end result of JAAGO’s work in pride , keeping it’s head held high “

They engaged with 112 youth delegates from 8 divisions and answered questions related to the role of social media and other media channels in nation building. They also discussed about the need of social media policy.

Prominent figures from different social medium of Bangladesh were present.

The 4-day long program is powered by The Daily Star, Leadership Content Partner is BYLC and the other partners are U.S Embassy, ICT Division, Microsoft Bangladesh, CocaCola, Beximco Pharmaceuticals, Aamra Technologies, Golden Harvest and WebAble.



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