RMG workers stage demo in Mirpur

Hundreds of garment workers blocked a road in the capital's Mirpur area for around four hours yesterday fearing that they might lose their jobs as “the factory is being relocated without any prior notice”.

Around 500 workers of Trust Trouser Limited demonstrated blocking the road in Mirpur-12 bus stand area since 9:00am, said Dadon Fakir, officer-in-charge of Pallabi Police Station. “They also vandalised a few vehicles…,” he added.

Many of the workers alleged that the management decided to shift the factory to Mohammadpur without notifying them beforehand. When they went to work yesterday, they found that the factory was closed.

They alleged that some of the machineries have already been shifted.

There are around 1,800 workers, and most of them live in Mirpur, said one of the workers.

The OC said the blockade was withdrawn following an assurance from the local lawmaker of considering their demands, which include -- three months salary, one basic and two festival bonuses per year.

The factory management could not be reached for comments.


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