Lighting kills six

Six people were killed by lighting in Faridpur, Sirajganj and Shariatpur yesterday.

In Faridpur, two persons were killed in the afternoon when they were struck by thunderbolts, reports BSS.

Health department sources said, Amena Begum, 40, was hit by a thunderbolt at BS Dangi village while she was returning home after casting her vote in the Union Parishad electing. She was succumbed to her injuries at Charbhadrasan upazilla hospital.

In another incident, Hafiz Mondol, 35, was killed as he was hit by lighting when he was working in the field in Nagarkanada upazila's Shasha village. He was declared dead at Nagarkanda hospital. Meanwhile, four people were killed in separate incidents of lighting as nor'wester swept across Sirajganj and Shariatpur yesterday afternoon, reports UNB.

Of them, three were killed in Shahjadpur and Enayetpur upazilas of Sirajganj.

In Shahjadpur, Jahangir Alam, 35, of Selakati village, and Sohel Rana, 16, of Daya village, were killed as a thunderbolt hit them while they were working in a field, said Manir

Hossain, officer-in-charge of Shahjadpur Police Station.

In another incident, Abdul Halim, 25, son of Abdul Hamid of Betil Char in Enayetpur, was killed when he was struck by a thunderbolt. In Shariatpur, Osman Gani, 25, son of Rabiul Islam of Moddher Char village in Melahdah upazila of Jamappur district, was killed by lightning while he was working in a paddy field at Kjirhat village in Jajira upazila. Gani was an agricultural labourer and had been living at Kajirhat village for cutting paddy on hire, said officer-in-charge of Jajira Police Station Nazrul Islam. 


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