Dhaka traffic suffers in hartal

Traffic tailback on the Bijoy Sarani from a car. Photo courtesy: Facebook group Traffic Alert

Students’ blockade protesting the murder of Tonu at Shahbagh intersection, one of the major intersections in Dhaka, created acute traffic congestion in the capital this morning.

Commuters were stuck in almost all over the capital including roads linked to Shahbagh, Kakrail, Ramna, Mohakhali, Banani, Khilkhet reported their painful experience in the roads during the peak hours.

Blockade at Shahbagh created long tailbacks on roads linked to the key intersection, an official of Dhaka Metropolitan Police’s (DMP) traffic control room told The Daily Star Online.

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Traffic congestion
Traffic congestion at Banani flyover in Dhaka on Monday morning, April 25, 2016. Photo taken from Facebook/ Traffic Alert/ Rana Kabir‎
Movement of vehicles was very slow on key city thoroughfares including Bijoy Sarani, Jahangirgate and Mohakahli, the official said.

Meanwhile, dozens of people reported their sufferings this morning from different parts of the megacity in a Facebook group called Traffic Alert.

Commuters had to endure spending over 30 minutes to cross an overpass in Banani, according to several posts in the social media group.

Traffic congestion
Traffic congestion in Supreme Court area in Dhaka on Monday morning, April 25, 2016. Photo taken from Facebook/ Traffic Alert/ Mohaiminul Aashiq
Some of the members in the group were even suggesting others to avoid the route from Uttara to Mohakhali due to the traffic congestion there.


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