Allegation against Rehman totally false: Wife

Taleya Rehman, wife of Shafik Rehman, on Wednesday, April 20, 2016 said her husband can never be involved in any criminal activity, This undated photo of Taleya was taken from Facebook.

Taleya Rehman, wife of journalist Shafik Rehman, today said the allegation brought against her husband is totally baseless and fictitious.

“As his wife, I know him for 59 years. He can never be involved in any criminal activity,” she said at a programme at Jatiya Press Club.

Taleya sought all cooperation from all quarter to free her husband.

Police yesterday claimed journalist Rehman admitted having more than one meeting in the US with those allegedly involved in a “conspiracy” against prime minister's son Sajeeb Wazed Joy.

Monirul Islam, additional commissioner of Dhaka Metropolitan Police, yesterday did not confirm if in those meetings they had discussed anything concerning Joy.

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The DMP official made the claim after a team of the Detective Branch raided Shafik's apartment and office at the capital's Eskaton and seized some documents from there.

Rehman is currently on a five-day remand in a case filed over an alleged plot to kidnap and kill Joy.

The case was filed by DB Inspector Fazlur Rahman with Paltan Police Station in August last year.

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On Saturday, plainclothes detectives detained the pro-BNP intellectual on charges of attempting “to abduct and murder Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's son Joy.



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