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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 6 | Issue 23 | June 10, 2012 |


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Feed Board

A fun summer article!

I was wondering what to get for the dreadful summer heat wave this year. Coincidentally enough, last week's spotlight gave me a lot of ideas about things that I can get for my wardrobe. The story was fun to read and was very informative at the same time. It even looked pretty cool. Nowadays, just like me a lot of students prefer comfort wear over something fancy looking. Nonetheless, the story gave an insight to how one can look good and feel comfortable at the same time. It is a great read for all the on going university students who are looking to get a summer wardrobe makeover.

Rashed Bin Saleh
Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology, Dhaka.

Negligence and violence

Photo: Star File

Policemen are the main people who violate every single human rights law. The violation is mainly because our police officers are politically motivated. Since the working condition is deplorable and they are easy to bribe. I am sure that some police officers do not even know what the actual laws are. Police often distinguish people based on their religion, gender and social status and has a serious problem with etiquette. One of the most crucial problems of our police is negligence. As complained by most, they are unhelpful and unapproachable most of the time. The low salary is a reason also for low service standards for the general public.

Sumaiya Hossain
Birkbeck University, London.

The university experience

Photo: Arif Hafiz

University education is completely different from what we have experienced before. Studying at university will mean exploring a subject more thoroughly and involve debates or discussions on different topics. Whatever knowledge we acquire in our secondary and higher schools seem like the tip of the ice berg then. It is during university that we start forming our own opinion. Whatever we study at university should be kept in our soul. It is not only about passing, but also about understanding spontaneously and becoming almost perfect in our own fields of study.

Syed Mofaccer Sourov
Department of English, Leading University, Sylhet.

New ideas!

I have been an avid reader of Star Campus for a while now and I have noticed a few changes in the magazine here and there. The new sections like the Feed Board and Extra Credit look great. It is always great to know what the young thinkers and entrepreneurs are up to. I also think more can be done. Since it is a campus magazine there can be a section called 'Crazy Page' that can have cross word puzzles, riddles, incomplete lyrics etc that students can solve if they are stuck in a boring class! I think it will be really fun.

Shabir Rahman
Independent University, Bangladesh, Dhaka.

Connecting through translation

photo: kazi tahsin agaz apurbo

Recently, some private universities have introduced 'Translation Studies' as a course. I appreciate this initiative as a student, because it will open the door to creativity for many students out there. We will be enriched with more literary works from different languages. English is a powerful global language and it has connected so many different languages and cultures together. We should introduce our Bangla literature to the world too. Now is the time that students should make an attempt to introduce the heterogeneous Bangla culture proudly through translating literature, so that people of the world get to know more about Nazrul Islam, Rabindranath Tagore, Jibonanonda Das, Shukumar Roy and many more.

Taslima Islam
East West University, Dhaka.

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