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Linking Young Minds Together
        Volume 6 | Issue 09 | March 04, 2012 |


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Campus Trends

Formality at its Best

Naziba Basher

As far as getting dressed for classes goes, there is not much to it than the casual jeans and t-shirt or a comfortable kameez to slip into keeping in mind the hectic journey to and back from university. But then, there are presentations.

As much as most students despise the thought of staying up all night and making the perfect presentation and getting the best of grades for it, a lot of them look forward to the whole 'suited booted' look that comes along with it. And then again, what is not to look forward to?

Whether it is the sharpness of the look or whether it is the 'I am getting older and more mature' feel, students love looking fit and fabulous in such an ensamble of clothings.

Almost every university requires good, clean looks along with a great presentation for one to get all the marks he or she desires. While all the boys' clothings are the same in every university, being the formal shirt, formal pants, blazer and sometimes even tie, the girls outfits vary in different universities. Most presentations require a girl to wear a simple but still effective saree.

So, how and where will you get the perfect outfit for the perfect presentation? There is absolutely no reason to fret for something like that when you live in this city with stores all around offering the best of both world (Western and Eastern) to you! There are of couse the high-ends and low-ends, the latter being more suitable for student budgets, but all in all, one is bound to get a good deal when it comes to quality, price and glamour.

Starting off with Doja-- as always, Doja will never fail one to find the perfect clothes somewhere or the other. Although the matter of formal pants for girls being found in the market is still unknown, the shirts available will be fit for anyone and everyone. With the variety of sizes and colours, Doja will give you stylish shirts to wear at your presentation at an unbelievable price (if the bargaining is done by an expert, of course!). For boys, shirts and pants are both available at Doja at prices that are perfect to suit the wallet. Apart from Doja, New Market is also a good place for boys to take a peak in when buying shirts and formal pants and for girls, a trip to Banga Bazaar would definitely pay off!

Big Boss in Dhanmondi 2 offers very good deals in formal wear for both boys and girls-- shirts and pants mostly. Westecs, even though a little more expensive than the stores mentioned before, is absolutely perfect for anyone who is looking for clothes to make you look sharp and shining. Westecs has formals shirts and pants for girls as well as boys. There are a wide range of blazers, ties, cufflinks and more that are a great array to choose from. Much like Westecs, stores like Pretex, Texmart, Cats Eye, and Ecstasy have good options to choose from with a little harshness on the wallet added.

Simple and elegant sarees, perfect for presentations, are found in almost every corner of Dhaka city. Stores like Piran will give one a good deal if she is looking for a simple and cheap saree. And Aarong also goes easy on the price depending on simplicity. Baily Road is a haven for saree lovers as well, so make sure you do not skip that note!

When it comes to formal shoes, as much as Cats Eye and Bata come into mind, what also come in mind along with those names are the high prices. But as much as we call them 'super-expensive', they always turn out to be worth every penny. Pumps, elegant shoes and sandals are all found in these two stores. And for boys, Bata, Apex and Cats Eye are all good options. But to find them at a cheaper price, one will have to travel to Elephant Road- the ultimate shoe paradise (for boys and girls both!)

To make sure you have the best presentation out of the lot, there are a certain criteria's you have to fulfill-- good material, a good conscience, clear mind and self confidence (which is probably one of the more important ones). To get that confidence, you have to dress just right. And what better way to do that other than with the magic of formal clothes?


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