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Linking Young Minds Together
       Volume 6 | Issue 09 | March 04, 2012 |


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Campus Buzz

Our New Campus!
EWU at Aftab Nagar

Nishat Jahan

Urban private university campuses are missing a much-needed quality, which is, a sense of space. While this is understandable given how high commercial rent is, classrooms in different buildings set alongside major busy commuter roads cannot be the long-term setting of a university. Certainly not one that expects to offer an environment in which students can thrive. Thrill and anticipation has gripped thousands of students of EWU, as the moment draws closer; the moment to move to Aftab Nagar!

Photo: Jessica Islam Lia

When I first stepped into EWU's premises three years ago, the first thing that I noticed was a little brick-red architectural model of the to-be-constructed EWU campus. Protected by a glass box mounted on a table it was placed for all to see: the future. And the future is here. That exquisite tiny replica has turned into reality. A few days ago, I had the chance to visit the real new campus.

“This is huge! I could easily get lost here!” One of my friends exclaimed. Undoubtedly! The entire campus stretches out over 7.5 bighas of land, with a floor space over 450,000 square feet. The campus is surrounded by a large open space. The modern campus will offer new research laboratories to students, along with better-equipped classrooms, library and an open performance ground. At our existing campus in Mohakhali, where classes are scattered between adjoining buildings, one of the main problems is car parking, which will surely be solved here. Moreover, it feels great to know that we no longer need to stand in long queues to get to the elevators! The crowds will thin out over a larger campus, making it easier to go about our activities.

Let's not forget the best part, the environment! Despite being not too far away from the centre of Dhaka, it resembles a wonderful picnic-spot. The locality of Aftab Nagar is not yet fully developed, and it has wide open grounds and a lake surrounded by a beautiful white serene “kash-bon”.

A university carries the notion of academic freedom. University is a place where students are transformed into adults, with shoulders strong enough to become responsible and conscientiousness. To a student, a university is a second-home, not just any other place they frequent; it is a place with which their identities are tied. It is a relief from the constant nagging ridicule that private university students study in a match-box of a campus. With adequate space for 10,000 students, our new campus is sure to become well-known for its spaciousness. Our new campus is our pride. EWU happens to be the 9th out of 55 private universities to have its own campus, which is a criterion mandated by UGC.

In a few weeks time, after the final touches are completed, EWU will permanently shift to its new campus. This year's convocation, in March, will be held there as well.

(Nishat Jahan is a student in the Department of Pharmacy at EWU)


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