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Linking Young Minds Together
       Volume 6 | Issue 07 | February 19, 2012 |


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12th Convocation of AIUB held

The 12th convocation of the American International University Bangladesh (AIUB) was held on February 2, 2012 at the Bangladesh Army Stadium. President of the People's Republic of Bangladesh and the Chancellor of AIUB Md Zillur Rahman kindly gave his consent to Nurul Islam Nahid, Minister, Ministry of Education, for the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh to preside over the ceremony and confer the Degrees to the graduates. Svend Olling, ambassador of the Royal Danish Embassy in Bangladesh was present as the convocation speaker.

Courtesy: AIUB

The Chairman of AIUB Trustee Board Dr Anwarul Abedin and the Vice Chancellor of AIUB Dr Carmen Z Lamagna also spoke on the occasion. A total number of 2173 graduates were conferred degrees for their successful completion of all the academic requirements in various disciplines of the Bachelor and Masters Degree Programmes of the University.

Six medals named Chancellor's Gold Medal, Chairman's Award, Vice Chancellor's Award, Summa Cum Lau-De, Magna Cum Lau-De, Cum Lau-De were awarded in different categories for academic and other excellence.

Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid MP stressed on the quality of higher education in the country so that Bangladesh can face the global competition. He appreciated the role of AIUB for maintaining collaboration and exchange progamme with various institutions and organisations of the world.

The Convocation speaker Svend Olling categorically highlighted their agreement with AIUB to develop IT based education. He also mentioned that Denmark is always assisting Bangladesh and will continue to do so in the near future also.

The Vice Chancellor of AIUB urged the students to follow their dreams whether; “good or bad and turn every dream into solutions, cures and new knowledge”. She concluded her speech with a message for the AIUB graduates to have the values of “Creativity, Critical thinking” and play a vital role to serve the nation and the society.

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