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Linking Young Minds Together
 Volume 5 | Issue 33 | August 21, 2011 |


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Student Voice

Misuse of Technology on Campus

Anonto Ahnaf

This photo, captured on a cellphone, shows a student cheating during an exam using his cellphone.

We Bangladeshis, proudly say that we are living in the new concept of DIGITAL BANGLADESH, where the involvement of technology is almost mandatory in every sector, needless to say in the educational sector as well.

The education sector is now highly dependent on technology, especially universities, for multimedia slideshows, presentation, academic seminars, online assignment submission, taking our education system to a new dimension.

But like a coin, technology has a darker side to it; and if people choose to side with the darker one, the boon can always turn into a bane.

Some students choose technology as a weapon of misuse in education. Students use mobile phones as their guiding star during exams. Taking photos of slide print outs and hand written notes of lectures, keeping the Bluetooth device switched on during exams to exchange power point slides and photos, Google-ing during exams or texting a friend are may be few of the ways our students are (mis)using technology.

By using mobile phones, these students are not just passing the exams, but with flying colours-- achieving the top CGPA's, while the honest students struggle to obtain the top grades. Technology is a blessing in their life indeed.

But the question iswhy is this happening? Teachers don't collect mobile phones during exams, passively allowing them to commit these despicable activities. Directors and teachers are indifferent to barring the use of phones during exams. Teachers, or rather invigilators, watch these students holding their phones, looking at the screen and writing, and yet they ignore them.

If this prevails, assessing the students' grades according to the prices and functions of their cell phones would make sense rather than examining the scripts!

These students, after graduation will lead the corporate houses tomorrow; but what leaves us wondering is what would they do there? Would the corruption that they started from their educational institutions end at their work fields?

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