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Linking Young Minds Together
 Volume 5 | Issue 33 | August 21, 2011 |


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Silly Tales

Look before you Leap!

When I was in class 7, everyone knew me as the naughty boy who would do everything but study. After our second terminal examinations were over, regular classes resumed. I remember our Math teacher entering the classroom and asking for me. I stood up. Sir said, “You got the highest mark in Mathematics in your second terminal examinations.” Hearing this, I became astonished since I had not studied well enough. But proudly, I said to him, “I worked hard before the exam!” Sir wanted to know my exam roll number. I told him my exam roll number and it turned out that there was another student named Zahid in our class. Immediately, the teacher said, “Another Zahid secured the highest mark! NOT YOU!” Everyone burst out laughing. It was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life!

Sheikh Zahid
University of Dhaka

The Unexpected Party

In third grade, we were preparing for our friend's surprise birthday party in school. We planned to decorate our classroom with balloons and thought of bringing a cake. On the following day, we went to school thirty minutes early for the decorations. The work was complete and after ten minutes, we saw our birthday girl coming. But sadly, she was followed by our class teacher who was shocked to see the decorations. She got very angry; our minds went completely blank. Then suddenly Fahim, a friend, stammered, “It's f-for you m-miss…” We all looked at each other with shocked faces. Miss stood still for a while and gradually a smile spread across her face. Her eyes were almost teary as she said that her birthday was actually the next day and she was very happy that we did this for her. Thus, an unexpected birthday party was celebrated!

Nusrat Jahin Angela
Scholastica School


Afternoon was always our playtime. Since there were not any playgrounds nearby, the closest alternative we had was the indoor paradise we liked to call The Garage. I was in grade 4 when my cousins had come over to spend the day. As usual, we all went down for a friendly game of tag after lunch. There were five of us -- four targets and one chor. Mushfiq, our youngest member would be hot on our trails while the rest of us ran for our lives. We all dispersed and after half an hour, realised that Mushfiq wasn't there. None of us had been tagged yet, which was quite unusual. Worried, we went out looking for him all over the place for 2 hours, but in vain. Since the wisest person in the room was a 10-year-old, my cousin's measly brain concluded that Mushfiq had been kidnapped. We returned to our place, not daring to look into a grown-up's eye. The longer we could stall the question of our missing cousin's whereabouts, the better. We entered my room, only to see Mushfiq, fast asleep. He probably got frustrated halfway through the game and decided to come back home. "Oh, thank God, he wasn't kidnapped!" his brother half panted. That was when I spoke out, "Actually, he was." Everyone stared at me in disbelief. “'Kid 'napped- get it?” We all laughed out, but boy were we glad that the 5-year-old was safe in bed.

Sarah Nazreen,
Sunnydale School, Dhaka

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