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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 36| September 05, 2010|


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A memorable trip to India

Shatabdi Biswas

Incredible India, Asia's second largest economy, boasting archaeological structures from the Mughal period, a home to numerous spices of animals, an abode of heritage and culture leading way to development.

This was my second trip to India, a prospect I grabbed without a moment's hesitation relieved at the thought of a brief escape after finishing my O-Level, a dream-like vista unfolding before my eyes, sending ripples of sheer joy through my brain, too strained, stressed in the past one month from handling studies, flipping notes, denied access to watching TV or working on my laptop. Hurrah! 'Pure bliss' I thought as the Volvo bus operated by the Bangladesh state transport authorities reached the bus stoppage at Salt lake, Kolkata. After completing all the formalities, we took a taxi to the hotel we booked earlier via internet where we stayed for four days during which we found little time to visit the outskirts of Kolkata except the burgeoning shopping malls with flocks of people, particularly the young Calcuttans, most of them belonging to the urban rich strata rushing to the denim collection, a style statement they are gravitated towards. Saris or salwar kameez on the way of being sunk into the abyss of extinction if this trend continues, as I foresee.

Our next destination was Bolpur, Shantiniketan. The University founded by the poet, Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore. Its wide campus hemmed in with lush greenery, having frescoes, murals, splendid sculptures and buildings adorned with wonderful designs carved on the walls although the aspect that mostly drew my attention was this peculiar fact, Rabindranth's special theory to get acquainted with nature, students and teachers should sit under trees where classes are still held. Traveling onwards to Digha, small in comparison to Cox's Bazaar, girdled by pine trees, the wild sea roaring crazily all day long was where I at least experienced something near to happiness. Though not happiness quite and after two days' stay at a beach resort near Digha where I visited the local science museum, a marine aquarium and the nearby Udaypur sea beach. I was back to Bangladesh and now when I question myself, did the journey bring me peace according to my wishes? 'No.' What did I learn then? Traveling taught me a lot, yet nothing can match the comfort I feel at my home, my country where I would like to breathe my last.

(Student of AS Level, Paramount School and College, Rajshahi )


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