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     Volume 2 Issue 135| September 6 , 2009|


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Intra-University Programming Contest @ BUBT

Md. Saifur Rahman

Programming contests have been growing in popularity in recent years in Bangladesh, and for good reason. This is the one arena where students from Bangladesh have consistently outperformed their competent international counterparts in various locations. Excelling in such events requires analytic prowess, deductive capabilities and the ability to think on your feet and the budding programmers from this country have risen to the challenge admirably. Participating in such competitions has enriched the computer science departments of various universities, and has widened the mental horizon of the participating students. That Bangladesh has a bright prospect in this field cannot be disputed. This is encouraging that various universities, both public and private, are regularly organising programming contests where students from various departments take part to face the challenges. At least once a year an inter-university programming competition is held in the country in great fervour.

This week, Star Campus is presenting the intra-university programming contest organized by BUBT.

Programming is an important aspect in the study of Computer Science. Through programming students can expose their ideas and thoughts in practice. With this objective in view BUBT (Bangladesh University of Business & Technology) organised an Intra-University Programming Contest on August 17, 2009. This is for the second time that BUBT arranged the contest that encourages students' interest in programming. BUBT believes that this type of contest will attract students towards programming and they will enhance their skill in programming to solve different real life problems. At this programming contest fifteen teams participated and each team consisted of three members. Prof. Md. Abu Saleh, the Vice Chancellor of BUBT, inaugurated the contest. In his opening speech Prof. Md. Abu Saleh said that BUBT gives equal importance both to the theoretical and practical knowledge.

There were ten problems given to the contestants from different sectors of computing, mathematics and other different areas of science. The team named 'Error' of 10th intake of Dept. of CSE of the university stood first solving four problems. The 1st and 2nd runners-up of the contest were the group 'Hi-Tech Coder' and 'Compiler'. Although the 1st and 2nd runners-up solved three problems, they were ranked according to the total time taken by each team to solve the problems. From the rest of the team five teams who were able to solve two problems and seven teams were able to solve one problem. Kazi Istiak Ahmed one of the members of the champion team said that he was excited to receive the award that surely encourages him towards computer programming.

The Prize Distribution Ceremony of the Intra University Programming Contest was held on the same date in the Common Room of the university. Prof. Md. Abu Saleh, Vice Chancellor, BUBT was present on the occasion as the Chief Guest. Prof. Md. Ali Azam, Pro-Vice Chancellor, BUBT presided over the function. Among others Prof. A. B. Md. Badruddoza Mia invigilator of the examinations, faculty members from different departments, the contestants and students of different departments were present in the function.


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