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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 112 | March 29, 2009|


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Campus Adda

WITH perpetual bouts of exams, assignments and pesky presentations, hanging out becomes somewhat of a privilege attained by only a few. To bring back the flavour of old-fashioned adda, Star Campus is starting a new column Adda Buzz. This would be your platform for pure, unbridled adda, and a forum for you to express your thoughts and concerns regarding various campus related issues.

This week's adda topic is one that has certainly made all of us ponder at some point or other the scarcity of space for campus students. To share their thoughts on the topic, Adda Buzz invited four students from a renowned university in Dhaka.

"It's like walking through a herd of cows," Shuvo said as we walked into to the coffee shop. “Only they are not cows, they are my class mates.”

“It's crazy how the number of students keep increasing, while the infrastructure remains the same,” Shuvo went on. “My class ended around 2:30 p.m. I had to dodge a few of my classmates to finally make my way out towards the door where hundreds of students were gathering up, some were trying to get out of the class while others were rushing in to attend the next class. I had to force my way out, and as I reached the staircase I was thrown back towards the very end where I had to grab the pillar before losing my balance. I had to get to the 13th floor and taking the elevator was not an option. For sure there would be a huge queue in front of the elevator with eager students trying their best not to be late for their next class. So, I took the stairs, all the way to the 13th floor.”

The rest of the gang agreed. Taking the stairs due to the lack of space in the elevator is an option that most of them are forced to take on a regular basis.

“It's good exercise,” Summia added with a hint of sarcasm. “May be the university authorities can charge us money for climbing the stairs.”

"Authorities were assuring the other day that they were about to start a new campus, but the process is still pending and according to sources the building will be complete after two years or so," Summia explained.

"Unfortunately, many students will miss this opportunity to study in their new campus," Shuvo regretted since he was a final year student.

"One class starts and another ends, so we rarely find space to talk, and the road becomes our adda place. Canteens are so congested for the huge number of students " interrupted Samiul.

"On and off complaints are made to the authorities, but
unfortunately the authorities remain adamant about solving these problems!" explained Shuvo.

The adda raged on. But now, we would like to give you the floor. What do YOU think about our topic for the week? To what extent do you think the scarcity of space in some of the campuses is affecting the students? Send us your views at starcampus@gmail.com with a subject heading of 'Adda' and be a part of the all new Adda Buzz! Oh! Send your pictures too if you want!

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